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The meaning of Dark


Dark – definition


(of a colour or object) not reflecting much light; approaching black in shade.

Usage examples:

Dark green

(of a period or situation) characterized by great unhappiness or unpleasantness.

Usage examples:

The dark days of the war

Denoting a velarized form of the sound of the letter l as it sounds at the end of a word or before another consonant (as in full or bulk in most accents of english).

Usage examples:

English has two allophones for /l/, "light/clearl" and "darkl". i am conducting a study on the dist…

A dark colour or shade, especially in a painting.

Usage examples:

Lights and darks are juxtaposed arbitrarily to create a sense of shallow relief

Dark translation into English

Dark: translate from English into Chinese

Translate dark into Chinese (Simplified)}
黑暗的, 黑暗, 暗, 黑, 深, 黑色, 阴暗, 黯, 晦, 深沉, 黄昏, 乌, 暝, 模糊, 昏黑, 黧, 冥, 森, 暧, 黎, 缁, 窔, 淄, 黑色的

Dark: translate from English into Dutch

Translate dark into Dutch}
Donker, Duister, Duisternis, Zwart, Somber, Verborgen, Onwetendheid, Onbekend, Geheimzinnig, Donkere partij

Dark: translate from English into French

Translate dark into French}
Foncé, Sombre, Noir, Obscurité, Obscur, Brun, Profond, Triste, Méchant

Dark: translate from English into German

Translate dark into German}
Dunkel, Dunkelheit, Finster, Düster, Grau, Böse, Brünett, Undurchsichtig, Unaufgeklärt, Verbrecherisch

Dark: translate from English into Hindi

Translate dark into Hindi}
अँधेरा, अंधेरा, काला, अंधकार, गुप्त, अंधकारमय, गहरे रंग का, काला रंग, दुष्ट, अन्धकारमय, अस्पष्ट, अज्ञानता, साँवला, कृष्णा, निन्द्य, प्रकाश का अभाव, धुंध, सांझ

Dark: translate from English into Italian

Translate dark into Italian}
Scuro, Buio, Oscuro, Oscurità, Nero, Cupo, Tenebre, Bruno, Tenebroso, Fosco, Tetro, Triste, Torbido

Dark: translate from English into Korean

Translate dark into Korean}
어두운, 어둠, 암흑, 어두운 색, 밤, 거무스름한, 흐린, 애매한, 우둔한, 뱃속 검은, 분명치 않음, 비밀의, 광명이 없는, 방송되지 않은

Dark: translate from English into Russian

Translate dark into Russian}
Темный, Темно, Темнота, Тьма, Черный, Мрачный, Смуглый, Темноволосый, Тень, Потемки, Неведение, Угрюмый, Неясный, Тайный, Непонятный, Печальный, Необразованный, Сомнительный, Безнадежный, Дурной, Нечистый, Невежество, Секретный

Dark: translate from English into Spanish

Translate dark into Spanish}
Oscuro, Oscuridad, Negro, Moreno, Tinieblas, Sombrío, Tenebroso, Lúgubre, Triste, Lóbrego, Misterioso, Secreto, Ignorante, Entenebrecido, Escondido, Hosco, Sospecho

Word origin

Old English deorc, of Germanic origin, probably distantly related to German tarnen ‘conceal’.

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