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The meaning of Shadow

Shadow – definition


A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface.

Usage examples:

Trees cast long shadows

Used in reference to proximity, ominous oppressiveness, or sadness and gloom.

Usage examples:

The shadow of war fell across europe

An inseparable attendant or companion.

Usage examples:

Her faithful shadow, a yorkshire terrier called heathcliffe

Short for eyeshadow.


Envelop in shadow; cast a shadow over.

Usage examples:

The market is shadowed by st margaret's church

Follow and observe (someone) closely and secretly.

Usage examples:

He had been up all night shadowing a team of poachers

An area of darkness caused when light is blocked by something, usually in a shape similar to the object that is blocking the light

Usage examples:

[ c ] chloë kept jumping on tyler’s shadow., [ u ] this corner of the room is always in shadow., [ …

To spend time with someone who is doing a particular job so that you can learn how to do it

Usage examples:

All trainees are expected to spend a week shadowing an experienced manager., the cost of goods and …

Shadow translation into English

Shadow: translate from English into Chinese

Translate shadow into Chinese (Simplified)}
阴影, 暗影, 影子, 影, 盯梢, 翳, 庥, 樾, 钉梢

Shadow: translate from English into Dutch

Translate shadow into Dutch}
Schaduw, Schaduwen, Schim, Afschaduwing, Schaduwbeeld, Zweem, Spoor, Schijn, Overschaduwen, Geest, Beschaduwen, Evenbeeld, Als een schaduw volgen, Afschaduwen

Shadow: translate from English into French

Translate shadow into French}
Ombre, Fantôme, Opacité, Assombrir, Prendre en filature, Détective, Faire filer

Shadow: translate from English into German

Translate shadow into German}
Schatten, Beschatten, Spur, Schatten werfen, Überschatten, Bedrohung, Drohung, Anflug von bartstoppeln

Shadow: translate from English into Hindi

Translate shadow into Hindi}
साया, छाया, परछाई, प्रतिच्छाया, प्रतिबिंब, प्रतिफल, तुच्छ पदार्थ, आभास, एकांतता, अविभाज्य साथी, छाया करना, अंधकार करना, ढांकना, छिपाना, आच्छादित करना, ग्रहण लगना, के पिछे लगा रहना, प्रतिछाया

Shadow: translate from English into Italian

Translate shadow into Italian}
Ombra, Fantasma, Spettro, Segno, Ombreggiare, Traccia, Oscurare, Pedinatore, Pedinare

Shadow: translate from English into Korean

Translate shadow into Korean}
그림자, 음영, 어둠, 전조, 응달, 영상, 환영, 그림자 같은 것, 그림자 지는 곳, 비호, 어둡게 하다, 늘 따라다니는 자, 사람 눈에 띄지 않음, 그늘지게 하다, 빛이 닿지 못하게 하다, 열이 닿지 못하게 하다, 막연히 나타내다, 그림자처럼 따라다니다, 보호하다, 서서히 변화하다, 흐려지다, 미행하다

Shadow: translate from English into Russian

Translate shadow into Russian}
Тень, Призрак, Мрак, Полумрак, Намек, Омрачать, Затенять, Предвещать, Тайно следить, Постоянный спутник, Покров, Уныние, Шпик, Заслонять от солнца, Осенять, Излагать туманно, Излагать аллегорически, Предсказывать, Следовать по пятам

Shadow: translate from English into Spanish

Translate shadow into Spanish}
Sombra, Sombreado, Oscuridad, Fantasma, Sombreador, Sombrear, Pizca, Seguir, Oscurecer, Policía

Word origin

Old English scead(u)we (noun), oblique case of sceadu (see shade), sceadwian ‘screen or shield from attack’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schaduw and German Schatten (nouns), from an

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