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The meaning of Opaque


Opaque – definition


Not able to be seen through; not transparent.

Usage examples:

Bottles filled with a pale opaque liquid

An opaque thing.

Usage examples:

To be honest, it's a relief when summer is over and we can get back into good old black opaques, wh…

(of a substance) preventing light from traveling through, and therefore not allowing you to see through it

Usage examples:

Opaque watercolors, the majority of readers found his poetry difficult, even opaque.

Difficult to understand or know about, especially because things have been intentionally kept secret or made complicated

Usage examples:

Governments have been able to maintain opaque and discriminatory procurement practices., accounting…

Opaque translation into English

Opaque: translate from English into Chinese

Translate opaque into Chinese (Simplified)}
不透明, 瓀

Opaque: translate from English into Dutch

Translate opaque into Dutch}
Ondoorzichtig, Ondoorschijnend, Mat, Onduidelijk, Duister, Donker, Duisternis, Onbevattelijk, Dom, Niet helder

Opaque: translate from English into French

Translate opaque into French}
Opaque, Obscur, Stupide, Obtus

Opaque: translate from English into German

Translate opaque into German}
Undurchsichtig, Opak, Lichtundurchlässig, Matt, Unklar

Opaque: translate from English into Hindi

Translate opaque into Hindi}
अस्पष्ट, अपारदर्शी, न झिल्लड़, अपारदार्शक, मूर्ख, मलिन, धुंधला, निष्प्रभ

Opaque: translate from English into Italian

Translate opaque into Italian}

Opaque: translate from English into Korean

Translate opaque into Korean}
불투명체, 우둔한, 부전도성의, 열 따위에 대한 부전도성의, 전기 따위에 대한 부전도성의, 광택이 없는, 불투명한

Opaque: translate from English into Russian

Translate opaque into Russian}
Непрозрачный, Матовый, Светонепроницаемый, Темный, Мрак, Тупой, Темнота

Opaque: translate from English into Spanish

Translate opaque into Spanish}
Opaco, Opacidad

Word origin

late Middle English opake, from Latin opacus ‘darkened’. The current spelling (rare before the 19th century) has been influenced by the French form.

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