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Kite – definition


A toy consisting of a light frame with thin material stretched over it, flown in the wind at the end of a long string.

Usage examples:

Despite one close call when it dropped so far that the line briefly got caught in the branches of a…

A medium to large long-winged bird of prey which typically has a forked tail and frequently soars on updraughts of air.

Usage examples:

Initially, they could not figure out if the bird was a kite or an eagle.

A fraudulent cheque, bill, or receipt.

Usage examples:

Inmates manage to pass ‘kites’ or handwritten notes to each other.

A quadrilateral figure having two pairs of equal adjacent sides, symmetrical only about one diagonal.


Fly a kite.

Usage examples:

While i kited, she would always watch out for me

Write or use (a cheque, bill, or receipt) fraudulently.

Usage examples:

Prosecutors haven't revealed how he was tracked down, but as part of the plea deal they agreed not …

Kite translation into English

Kite: translate from English into Chinese

Translate kite into Chinese (Simplified)}
风筝, 鸢, 空头支票

Kite: translate from English into Dutch

Translate kite into Dutch}
Vlieger, Wouw, Kiekendief, Haai, Grijpgier, Schraper

Kite: translate from English into French

Translate kite into French}
Cerf-volant, Milan, Trompeur

Kite: translate from English into German

Translate kite into German}
Drachen, Milan

Kite: translate from English into Hindi

Translate kite into Hindi}
पतंग, चील, कनकैया

Kite: translate from English into Italian

Translate kite into Italian}
Aquilone, Cervo volante, Nibbio, Nibbio reale, Aliante, Aereo, Persona avida e rapace

Kite: translate from English into Korean

Translate kite into Korean}
연, 솔개, 지연, 욕심꾸러기, 솔개와 같은 욕심꾸러기

Kite: translate from English into Russian

Translate kite into Russian}
Воздушный змей, Коршун, Бумажный змей, Змейковый аэростат, Дутый вексель, Самолет, Мошенник, Шулер, Летать в воздухе, Хищник, Парить в воздухе

Kite: translate from English into Spanish

Translate kite into Spanish}
Cometa, Papalote, Milano real, Estafar un banco, Cheque sin valor

Word origin

Old English cȳta (in kite (sense 2 of the noun)); probably of imitative origin and related to German Kauz ‘screech owl’. The toy was so named because it hovers in the air like the bird.

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