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The meaning of Try

Try – definition


Subject (someone) to trial.

Usage examples:

He was arrested and tried for the murder

Make severe demands on (a person or a quality, typically patience).

Usage examples:

Mary tried everyone's patience to the limit

Smooth (roughly planed wood) with a plane to give an accurately flat surface.


An effort to accomplish something; an attempt.

Usage examples:

He got his membership card on his third try

An act of touching the ball down behind the opposing goal line, scoring points and entitling the scoring side to a kick at goal.

Usage examples:

We can find out about games played, tries scored, goals kicked, brothers and fathers, referees, cap…

Turkish lira (or lire).


Make an effort or attempt


To make an effort to do something

Usage examples:

[ i ] try to open this jar for me., [ i ] you’ll have to try harder., [ t ] i’m trying my best., [ …

To bring someone who is accused of a crime to a court of law to decide if they are guilty

Usage examples:

Be tried for sth the brothers were tried for financial crimes involving fraudulent use of depositor…

Try translation into English

Try: translate from English into Chinese

Translate try into Chinese (Simplified)}
尝试, 试, 试图, 试用, 设法, 企图, 试验, 想法, 谋求, 审, 睯, 讅, 试做

Try: translate from English into Dutch

Translate try into Dutch}
Proberen, Poging, Trachten, Uitproberen, Streven, Testen, Pogen, Vermoeien, Ziuveren

Try: translate from English into French

Translate try into French}
Essayer, Essai, Tenter, Tentative, Chercher, Juger, Tester, Tâcher, Éprouver, Tenter de faire, Tenter sa chance, Exercer, Faire des avances, Faire l'essai

Try: translate from English into German

Translate try into German}
Versuchen, Versuch, Probieren, Suchen, Prüfen, Anstrengen, Auf die probe stellen, Verhandeln, Vor gericht stellen

Try: translate from English into Hindi

Translate try into Hindi}
प्रयत्न, कोशिश, प्रयास, प्रयास करना, कोशिश करना, चेष्टा, कोशिश उठाना, चेष्टा करना, चेष्टा उठाना, प्रयत्न करना

Try: translate from English into Italian

Translate try into Italian}
Tentativo, Provare, Prova, Tentare, Assaggiare, Sperimentare, Giudicare, Verificare, Processare, Mettere alla prova, Collaudare, Cercare di fare, Studiare, Affaticare

Try: translate from English into Korean

Translate try into Korean}
노력하다, 시험, 해보기, 트라이, 해보다, 써 보다, 먹어 보다, 보다, 시험하다, 심문하다, 심리하다, 재판하다, 시련을 주다, 정련하다, 해결하다, 마무리대패질을 하다

Try: translate from English into Russian

Translate try into Russian}
Пытаться, Попытка, Стараться, Пробовать, Отведать, Судить, Испытывать, Добиваться, Перепробовать, Испытание, Подвергать испытанию, Проба, Допрашивать, Расследовать, Силиться, Мучить, Проверять на опыте, Очищать, Отведывать, Порываться, Ставить своей целью, Утомлять, Удручать, Раздражать, Вытапливать

Try: translate from English into Spanish

Translate try into Spanish}
Probar, Intento, Intentar, Tratar de, Juzgar, Ensayar, Esforzarse, Tentar, Poner a prueba, Ver, Tentativa, Ensayo, Tantear, Suerte, Poner todo, Tanteo, Cansar, Hacer sufrir, Afligir, Justificar, Procesar

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French trier ‘sift’, of unknown origin. Sense 1 of the noun dates from the early 17th century.

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