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The meaning of Stunt

Stunt – definition


Prevent from growing or developing properly.

Usage examples:

Some weeds produce chemicals that stunt the plant's growth

An action displaying spectacular skill and daring.

Usage examples:

The stunt involved jumping out of a hot-air balloon while attached to a piece of elastic

Perform stunts, especially aerobatics.

Usage examples:

Agile terns are stunting over the water

An exciting and often dangerous act, usually performed for use in a movie by someone specially trained

Usage examples:

This was not just some publicity stunt., drought has stunted this year’s corn crop.

Something that is done to get attention for the person or people responsible for it

Usage examples:

Publicity/marketing/advertising stunt she dismissed her opponent's lawsuit as a publicity stunt., a…

Stunt translation into English

Stunt: translate from English into Chinese

Translate stunt into Chinese (Simplified)}
特技, 绝技, 阻碍成长

Stunt: translate from English into Dutch

Translate stunt into Dutch}
Stunt, Toer, Groei belemmeren, Toeren doen, Boerenbedrog, Krachtstukje

Stunt: translate from English into French

Translate stunt into French}
Retarder, Cascade, Acrobatie, Rabougrir, Retarder la croissance, Retarder le développement

Stunt: translate from English into German

Translate stunt into German}
Kunststück, Hemmen, Flugkunststück

Stunt: translate from English into Hindi

Translate stunt into Hindi}
करतब, बल प्रदर्शन, प्रचार-साधन, वृद्धि को रोक

Stunt: translate from English into Italian

Translate stunt into Italian}
Acrobazia, Bravata, Trovata, Montatura, Esibizione, Arrestare lo sviluppo

Stunt: translate from English into Korean

Translate stunt into Korean}
묘기, 연구, 발육저지, 이목을 끄는 행동, 발육을 방해하다, 곡예를 하다

Stunt: translate from English into Russian

Translate stunt into Russian}
Трюк, Эффектное выступление, Фокус, Штука, Удачное выступление, Останавливать рост, Остановка в росте, Задержка в росте, Фигура высшего пилотажа, Демонстрировать смелость, Демонстрировать ловкость, Показывать фокусы, Выкидывать номера

Stunt: translate from English into Spanish

Translate stunt into Spanish}
Truco, Atrofiar, Payasada, Vuelo acrobático, Proeza excepcional, Ejercicio acrobático, Hacer vuelos acrobáticos, Impedir el desarrollo

Word origin

late 19th century (originally US college slang): of unknown origin.

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