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The meaning of Sports


Sports – definition


An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Usage examples:

Team sports such as soccer and rugby

A person who behaves in a good or specified way in response to teasing, defeat, or a similarly trying situation.

Usage examples:

Go on, be a sport!

An animal or plant showing abnormal or striking variation from the parent type, especially in form or colour, as a result of spontaneous mutation.


Wear or display (a distinctive item).

Usage examples:

He was sporting a huge handlebar moustache

Sports translation into English

Sports: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sports into Chinese (Simplified)}
运动的, 体育, 运动, 竞技

Sports: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sports into Dutch}

Sports: translate from English into French

Translate sports into French}
Des sports, Sportif, Activités sportives, Excentricité

Sports: translate from English into German

Translate sports into German}
Sport, Sportarten

Sports: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sports into Hindi}
खेल, खेल-कूद, खेल-कूद का

Sports: translate from English into Italian

Translate sports into Italian}
Gli sport, Sportivo, Dello sport, Gare

Sports: translate from English into Korean

Translate sports into Korean}
스포츠, 스포츠의, 스포츠용의, 스포츠에 적합한, 운동경기

Sports: translate from English into Russian

Translate sports into Russian}
Спортивный, Верхняя одежда

Sports: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sports into Spanish}
Deportes, Deportivo, De deportes, De deporte

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘pastime, entertainment’): shortening of disport.

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