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The meaning of Parade

Parade – definition


A public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event.

Usage examples:

A st george's day parade

A public square or promenade.

Usage examples:

We were walking along south parade

A parade ground.

Usage examples:

He was really funny, but laughing was forbidden on the parade square.

(of troops) assemble for a formal inspection or ceremonial occasion.

Usage examples:

The recruits were due to parade that day

Display (someone or something) while marching or moving around a place.

Usage examples:

They paraded national flags

A ceremonial procession including people marching


A large number of people marching, walking, or riding in vehicles, all moving in the same direction, usually in a formal way as part of a public celebration

Usage examples:

We used to go and see the thanksgiving day parade in new york.

Parade translation into English

Parade: translate from English into Chinese

Translate parade into Chinese (Simplified)}
游行, 阅兵, 阅兵式, 检阅, 阅, 标榜

Parade: translate from English into Dutch

Translate parade into Dutch}
Optocht, Parade, Paraderen, Vertoon, Pronken, Paradeplaats, Pralen, Prijken, Laten marcheren, Aantreden, Exercitieplein, Schijn, Doortrekken, In optocht marcheren, Optocht houden

Parade: translate from English into French

Translate parade into French}
Parade, Défilé, Revue, Étalage, Afficher, Faire défiler, Faire étalage de, Faire parade de, Boulevard, Se défiler

Parade: translate from English into German

Translate parade into German}
Parade, Umzug, Paradieren, Exerzierplatz, Aufzug, Vorbeimarsch, Vorführung, Vorführen, Aufmarschieren, Promenade, Modenschau, Zurschaustellung, Vorbeimarschieren, Promenieren, Zur schau stellen, Demonstrieren, Truppenübungsplatz, Aufmarschieren lassen, Spazieren tragen, Vorbeimarschieren lassen, Ausführen, Truppeninspektion, Reihe von geschäften, Von sich her tragen

Parade: translate from English into Hindi

Translate parade into Hindi}
परेड, जुलूस, प्रदर्शन, दिखाना, सफ़बंदी, दिखने के लिये रखना, आडंबर करना, चलना, सैन्यव्यायाम करना, परेड करना, व्यूह-रचना, सैनिक दिखावा, सैन्ययात्रा, शस्त्राभ्यास क्षेत्र, व्यायाम भूमि

Parade: translate from English into Italian

Translate parade into Italian}
Parata, Sfilata, Sfilare, Mostra, Rivista, Schierarsi, Marciare in corteo

Parade: translate from English into Korean

Translate parade into Korean}
퍼레이드, 행렬, 열병, 장관, 열병장, 산책장, 정렬시키다, 군대를 정렬시키다, 대열을 이루어 ...를 행진하다, 자랑해 보이다, 지식 따위를 자랑해 보이다, 장점 따위를 자랑해 보이다, 열병하기 위해 정렬하다

Parade: translate from English into Russian

Translate parade into Russian}
Парад, Плац, Выставлять напоказ, Показ, Маршировать, Построение, Шиковать, Процессия, Шествовать, Разгуливать, Выставление напоказ, Место для гулянья, Гуляющая публика, Строить, Строиться, Идти строем, Проходить строем, Выступать

Parade: translate from English into Spanish

Translate parade into Spanish}
Desfile, Parada, Desfilar, Revista, Alarde, Pasear, Presentación, Pavonearse, Formar, Paseo público, Hacer alarde de, Pasar revista a

Word origin

mid 17th century: from French, literally ‘a showing’, from Spanish parada and Italian parata, based on Latin parare ‘prepare, furnish’.

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