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The meaning of Sheer

Sheer – definition


(especially of a cliff or wall) perpendicular or nearly so.

Usage examples:

The sheer ice walls

(of a fabric) very thin; diaphanous.

Usage examples:

Sheer white silk chiffon


Usage examples:

The ridge fell sheer, in steep crags

Completely; right.

Usage examples:

She went sheer forward when the door was open

A very fine or diaphanous fabric or article.

Usage examples:

I put up the new curtains and sheers

(typically of a boat) swerve or change course quickly.

Usage examples:

The boat sheered off to beach further up the coast

A sudden deviation from a course, especially by a boat.

Usage examples:

The vessel apparently, through something having gone wrong with the steering gear, took a sudden sh…

The upward slope of a ship's lines towards the bow and stern.

Usage examples:

The sheer of the b40 is slightly flatter, the transom more vertical and broader, and the bow slight…

Not mixed with anything else; pure or complete

Usage examples:

Some of those books are sheer magic., the sheer size of the engine makes it difficult to transport.…

Sheer translation into English

Sheer: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sheer into Chinese (Simplified)}
纯粹的, 绝对, 纯属, 躲开, 躲避, 嶡, 悬, 崟, 滢, 绝对地

Sheer: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sheer into Dutch}
Puur, Louter, Zeeg, Zuiver, Klinkklaar, Steil, Loodrecht, Enkel, Doorschijnend, Helder, Regelrecht, Plotseling, Rein, Pardoes, Onverdund, Niet anders dan, Ijl, Uit de koers lopen, Uit de weg gaan

Sheer: translate from English into French

Translate sheer into French}
Virer, Pur, À pic, Absolu, Embardée, Abrupt, Abruptement, Tout à fait, Faire une embardée

Sheer: translate from English into German

Translate sheer into German}
Schier, Bloß, Pur, Rein, Steil, Senkrecht, Völlig, Blank, Jäh, Hauchdünn, Glatt, Direkt, Blind, Bleich, Hell

Sheer: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sheer into Hindi}
निरा, महीन, सर्वथा, बिलकुल, कोरा, लंबरूप में, सच्चा, वास्तविक, खड़े, असली, परिपूर्ण, सीधे, सिर्फ, केवल, फकत, महज

Sheer: translate from English into Italian

Translate sheer into Italian}
Puro, Trasparente, A picco, Assoluto, Vero, Totale, Completamente, A perpendicolo, Deviare, Bello e buono

Sheer: translate from English into Korean

Translate sheer into Korean}
얇은, 완전한, 현호, 만곡 진행, 피하다, 섞인 것이 없는, 전연, 깎아지른 듯한, 투명하게 비치는 직물, 침로에서 빗나가다, 수직으로

Sheer: translate from English into Russian

Translate sheer into Russian}
Явный, Отвесно, Чистый, Отвесный, Полнейший, Абсолютный, Сущий, Прозрачный, Абсолютно, Настоящий, Истинный, Полностью, Легкий, Перпендикулярно, Неразбавленный, Перпендикулярный, Без примеси, Несмешанный, Отклонение от курса, Кривизна борта, Продольная погибь, Отклоняться от курса

Sheer: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sheer into Spanish}
Escarpado, Puro, Mero, Total, Absoluto, Verdadero, Vertical, Completo, Fino, Completamente, Acantilado, Perpendicularmente, Desviación, Arrufadura, Guiñada, Caer a pico

Word origin

late 17th century: probably from the noun shear.

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