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Gossamer – definition


A fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, seen especially in autumn.

Usage examples:

So i made a classic cross-hair from spider's gossamer and used it to pinpoint a cell in the area i …

The very thin thread that spiders produce to make webs

Usage examples:

Gossamer wings, a gossamer veil

Gossamer translation into English

Gossamer: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gossamer into Chinese (Simplified)}
游丝, 小蜘蛛网, 薄弱的

Gossamer: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gossamer into Dutch}
Flinterdun, Gossamer, Ragfijn weefsel

Gossamer: translate from English into French

Translate gossamer into French}
Tulle, Gaze, Fils de la vierge

Gossamer: translate from English into German

Translate gossamer into German}
Hauchdünn, Altweibersommer, Gespinst

Gossamer: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gossamer into Hindi}
पतला, महीन जाली, कमजोर वस्तु, भंगुर वस्तु

Gossamer: translate from English into Italian

Translate gossamer into Italian}
Impalpabile, Sottilissimo, Filo di ragno, Garza sottilissima, Sottile ragnatelo, Tessuto finissimo

Gossamer: translate from English into Korean

Translate gossamer into Korean}
거미집, 잔 거미줄 같은, 얇은 사

Gossamer: translate from English into Russian

Translate gossamer into Russian}
Паутинка, Осенняя паутинка, Тонкая ткань, Фривольный, Газ

Gossamer: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gossamer into Spanish}
Telaraña, Fino, Posco, Gasa delgadísima

Word origin

Middle English: apparently from goose + summer1, perhaps from the time of year around St Martin's summer, i.e. early November, when geese were eaten (gossamer being common then).

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