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The meaning of Abrupt

Abrupt – definition


Brief to the point of rudeness; curt.

Usage examples:

You were rather abrupt with that young man

Steep; precipitous.

Usage examples:

The abrupt double peak

Sudden and not expected, often with unpleasant results

Usage examples:

There was an abrupt change in her mood., we came to an abrupt curve in the road., his abrupt manner…

Abrupt translation into English

Abrupt: translate from English into Chinese

Translate abrupt into Chinese (Simplified)}
突然, 突兀, 突, 骤, 猝, 猛, 嶡, 崟, 笔峭

Abrupt: translate from English into Dutch

Translate abrupt into Dutch}
Abrupt, Plotseling, Bruusk, Kortaf, Steil, Onverwacht, Afgebroken, Bot, Hortend, Haastig, Schielijk, Afgeknot

Abrupt: translate from English into French

Translate abrupt into French}
Brusque, Abrupt, Soudain, Rude, Raide, Heurté, Bourru, Décousu

Abrupt: translate from English into German

Translate abrupt into German}
Abrupt, Plötzlich, Schroff, Jäh, Unvermittelt, Brüsk, Unverbindlich

Abrupt: translate from English into Hindi

Translate abrupt into Hindi}
आकस्मिक, अचानक, अकस्मात, एकाएक, विषम

Abrupt: translate from English into Italian

Translate abrupt into Italian}
Brusco, Improvviso, Scosceso, Ripido, Sbrigativo

Abrupt: translate from English into Korean

Translate abrupt into Korean}
험준한, 뜻밖의, 급전하는, 단열의, 툭 잘라낸 꼴의

Abrupt: translate from English into Russian

Translate abrupt into Russian}
Резкий, Крутой, Внезапный, Неожиданный, Обрывистый, Неровный, Грубый

Abrupt: translate from English into Spanish

Translate abrupt into Spanish}
Abrupto, Brusco, Repentino, Violento, Inesperado, Escarpado, Áspero, Entrecortado

Word origin

late 16th century: from Latin abruptus ‘broken off, steep’, past participle of abrumpere, from ab- ‘away, from’ + rumpere ‘break’.

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