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The meaning of Pursue


Pursue – definition


Follow or chase (someone or something).

Usage examples:

The officer pursued the van

Continue or proceed along (a path or route).

Usage examples:

The road pursued a straight course over the scrubland

Follow in an effort to capture

Pursue translation into English

Pursue: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pursue into Chinese (Simplified)}
追求, 奉行, 推行, 追寻, 追逐, 追, 图, 追赶, 探求, 逐, 迹, 适

Pursue: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pursue into Dutch}
Na te streven, Voortzetten, Nastreven, Vervolgen, Volgen, Achtervolgen, Najagen, Doorgaan, Verder gaan, Achternazitten

Pursue: translate from English into French

Translate pursue into French}
Poursuivre, Suivre, Exercer, Continuer, Rechercher, Mettre en œuvre, Pourchasser, Accompagner, Briguer

Pursue: translate from English into German

Translate pursue into German}
Verfolgen, Betreiben, Nachgehen, Treiben, Weiterführen, Einschlagen, Jagen, Nachjagen, Durchführen, Streben nach, Nachlaufen, Aus sein auf

Pursue: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pursue into Hindi}
पाने की कोशिश करना, पीछा करना, लक्ष्य रखना, पीछे लगे रहना

Pursue: translate from English into Italian

Translate pursue into Italian}
Perseguire, Proseguire, Inseguire, Procedere, Ricercare, Perseguitare

Pursue: translate from English into Korean

Translate pursue into Korean}
추구하다, 추적하다, 수행하다, 따라가다, 길을 따라가다, 소송하다

Pursue: translate from English into Russian

Translate pursue into Russian}
Преследовать, Продолжать, Заниматься, Гнаться за, Следовать по намеченному пути, Бежать за, Предъявлять иск, Предъявлять обвинение, Вести следствие, Иметь профессию, Действовать по плану, Следовать неотступно за

Pursue: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pursue into Spanish}
Buscar, Perseguir, Seguir, Proseguir, Continuar, Ejercer, Ir, Demandar, Cazar, Corretear, Seguir la pista de, Irse

Word origin

Middle English (originally in the sense ‘follow with enmity’): from Anglo-Norman French pursuer, from an alteration of Latin prosequi ‘prosecute’.

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