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The meaning of Level

Level – definition


A horizontal plane or line with respect to the distance above or below a given point.

Usage examples:

The front garden is on a level with this floor

A position on a scale of amount, quantity, extent, or quality.

Usage examples:

A high level of unemployment

(in a video game) each of a series of stages of increasing difficulty through which a player may progress, completing one stage in order to reach the next.

Usage examples:

I've now reached level 106 on candy crush saga

An instrument marked with a line parallel to the plane of the horizon for testing whether things are horizontal.

Usage examples:

I even used a level to measure properly!

A flat tract of land.

Usage examples:

The somerset levels

Having a flat, horizontal surface.

Usage examples:

We had reached level ground

At the same height as someone or something else.

Usage examples:

His eyes were level with hers

Having the same relative position; not in front of or behind.

Usage examples:

The car backed rapidly until it was level with me

Give a flat and even surface to.

Usage examples:

Contractors started levelling the ground for the new power station

Make (something, especially a score in sport) equal or similar.

Usage examples:

Woods sliced the ball into the net to level the score

Aim (a weapon).

Usage examples:

He levelled a pistol at us

Ascertain differences in the height of (land).


A relative position or degree of value in a graded group


(of a surface) not rising or falling or higher on one side, but even in all directions; horizontal or flat

Usage examples:

The table wobbles because the floor is not level., the top of the tree is level with his bedroom wi…

The amount of something that exists, especially when it is counted or measured

Usage examples:

Unions are calling for pay increases above the current level of inflation., we must reduce the risk…

Level translation into English

Level: translate from English into Chinese

Translate level into Chinese (Simplified)}
等级, 水平, 级别, 级, 平, 程度, 层次, 平整, 层, 水准, 阶段, 水平面, 标高, 水平线, 同等, 等高, 铺平, 夷平, 坦, 刨, 原, 对准, 踧

Level: translate from English into Dutch

Translate level into Dutch}
Niveau, Waterpas, Nivelleren, Hoogte, Vlak, Peil, Stand, Horizontaal, Effen, Gelijkmatig, Vlakken, Oppervlakte, Evenwichtig, Waterpassen, Richten, Uniform, Gelijkelijk, Gelijk maken, Waterpas maken, Paslood, Horizontale mijngang, Mikken, Aan de schouder brengen, Slechten, Aanleggen, Naast elkaar

Level: translate from English into French

Translate level into French}
Niveau, Niveler, De niveau, Égaliser, Plan, Palier, Plat, Aplanir, Régaler, Braquer, Uni, Honnête, Démolir

Level: translate from English into German

Translate level into German}
Eben, Ebene, Stufe, Niveau, Pegel, Höhe, Ebnen, Stand, Spiegel, Etage, Waagerecht, Schicht, Wasserwaage, Geschoss, Sohle, Auf gleicher höhe, Plan, Planieren, Ausgeglichen, Richten, Erheben, Deck, Ebene fläche, Einebnen, Gestrichen, Genau, Ebenes stück, Gleich gut, Dem erdboden gleichmachen, Parallel, Ausgewogen, Versetzen, Abreißen, Abgewogen, Verpassen, Winkelmaß, Ruhig, Kühl, Kopf-an-kopf

Level: translate from English into Hindi

Translate level into Hindi}
स्तर, सतह, समतल, चौरस, सतही, दरजा, समस्तर, चौरस करना, चिकनाना, लक्ष्य करना, समतल करना, गिरा देना, एकबराबर करना, स्तर तल

Level: translate from English into Italian

Translate level into Italian}
Livello, Livellare, A livello, Piano, Livella, Grado, Piana, Pianeggiante, Orizzontale, Pari, Superficie piana, Regolare, Spianare, Equilibrato, Pareggiare, Uniformare, Appianare, Equiparare, Uguagliare

Level: translate from English into Korean

Translate level into Korean}
수준, 수평, 수준기, 동일 수준, 표준, 동일 수평, 사회적 표준, 정신적 표준, 수평 갱도, 납작한, 겨누다, 같은 수준의, 같은 높이의, 평조의, 균형이 잡힌, 평평하게 하다, 평균하다, 쓰러뜨리다, 겨냥하다, 대등하게 되다, 수평으로

Level: translate from English into Russian

Translate level into Russian}
Уровень, Нивелировать, Выравнивать, Ступень, Этаж, Ровный, Ровно, Вровень, Высота, Нивелир, Горизонтальный, Горизонт, Ватерпас, Горизонтальный полет, Сровнять, Равномерный, Горизонтальная поверхность, Равнина, Уравновешенный, Заравнивать, Ровнять, Целиться, Уравнивать, Расположенный на одном уровне, Плоская поверхность, Штольня, Выдвигать, Направлять, Визировать, Сглаживать, Определять разность высот, Быть искренним, Быть откровенным, Гладкий, Одинаковый, Плоский, Спокойный

Level: translate from English into Spanish

Translate level into Spanish}
Nivel, Nivelar, A nivel, Igualar, Arrasar, Plano, Nivelado, Uniforme, Igual, Raso, Ras con ras, Ecuánime, Allanar, Rasado, Derribar, Asestar, Apuntar, Realizar, Desmontar, Despejar, Dirigir, Hacer, Marchar, Ordenado, Juicioso, Llano

Word origin

Middle English (denoting an instrument to determine whether a surface is horizontal): from Old French livel, based on Latin libella, diminutive of libra ‘scales, balance’.

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