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The meaning of Last


Last – definition


Most recent in time; latest.

Usage examples:

Last year

Only remaining.

Usage examples:

It's our last hope

On the last occasion before the present; previously.

Usage examples:

A woman last heard of in cornwall

After all others in order or sequence.

Usage examples:

The last-named film

(especially in enumerating points) lastly.

Usage examples:

And last, i'd like to thank you all for coming

The last person or thing; the one occurring, mentioned, or acting after all others.

Usage examples:

The last of their guests had gone

(of a process, activity, or state) continue for a specified period of time.

Usage examples:

The guitar solo lasted for twenty minutes

Continue to operate or remain usable for a considerable or specified length of time.

Usage examples:

The car is built to last

A shoemaker's model for shaping or repairing a shoe or boot.

Usage examples:

This happens when you have a boot built on a last that is narrower than your foot

The person or thing after everyone or everything else

Usage examples:

Heather was the last to go to bed and the first to get up., mark ate the last of the ice cream., we…

Last translation into English

Last: translate from English into Chinese

Translate last into Chinese (Simplified)}
最后的, 持续, 最后, 末, 上, 延续, 历时, 剩余, 底, 上个, 在大家之后

Last: translate from English into Dutch

Translate last into Dutch}
Laatst, Laatste, Duren, Het laatst, Vorig, Last, Voorgaand, Verleden, Jongstleden, Duur, Uiterste, Einde, Eind, Leest, Laatstleden, Uithouden, Voortduren, Uithoudingsvermogen, Goed blijven, Voldoende zijn, Voorafgaand, Hoogste

Last: translate from English into French

Translate last into French}
Dernière, Durer, Dernier, Persister, Forme, Fixer, Supporter

Last: translate from English into German

Translate last into German}
Letzte, Zuletzt, Dauern, Halten, Andauern, Anhalten, Vergangen, Leisten, Reichen, Währen, Vorig, Sich halten, Letzemal, Sich erstrecken, Unterste, Überleben

Last: translate from English into Hindi

Translate last into Hindi}
अंतिम, आखिरी, पिछला, गत, पिछली बार, विगत, पहला, अंतिम वस्तु, चरम, अंत का, जघन्य, सब के अंत में, जूते बनाने का फर्म, टिकना, सहना, बना रहना

Last: translate from English into Italian

Translate last into Italian}
Ultimo, Durare, Scorso, Per ultimo, Finale, Passato, Ultimamente, Estremo, Più recente, Perdurare, Protrarsi, Supremo, Resistere, Bastare, Reggere, Continuare, Perpetuare, Termine, Definitivo, L'ultima volta

Last: translate from English into Korean

Translate last into Korean}
마지막, 지난, 최후, 말, 골, 결정적인, 지속력, 최상의, 최후의 것, 최후의 사람, 최근의 소식, 최근의 편지, 제화용의 골, 최후의, 임종의, 최종의, 최후에 남은, 바로 앞의, 바이 앞의, 최근의, 최신의, 최신유행의, 가장 ...할 것 같지 않은, 최하의, 최후로, 이전에, 계속되다, 지탱하다, 충당하다, ...에 충당하다, 어떤 기간에만 ...에 충당하다, 어떤 기간에만 충당하다

Last: translate from English into Russian

Translate last into Russian}
Последний, Длиться, Продолжаться, В последний раз, Продлиться, Прошлый, На последнем месте, Конец, В конце, Недавно, Крайний, Истекший, Колодка, Окончательный, Поздно, Бывший, Поздний, Прежний, Ласт, Единственный, Свежий, Недавний, За последнее время, Выдержка, Сохраняться, Хватать, После всех, Покойный, Запоздалый, Выдерживать, Самый неподходящий, Умерший, Самый современный, Созревающий в конце сезона, Цветущий в конце сезона, Натягивать на колодку, Нежелательный, Чрезвычайный, Носиться, Быть достаточным, Выносливость, Что-либо последнее по времени

Last: translate from English into Spanish

Translate last into Spanish}
Ultimo, Durar, Último, Pasado, Fin, Final, Por última vez, Por último, Finalmente, En último lugar, Horma, Perdurar, Última cosa, Extenderse, En último sitio, Permanecer, Resistir, Ser resistente, Ser duro, Pasar, Sostenerse, Mantenerse, Continuar, Seguir a, Extremo

Word origin

Old English lǣste, of Germanic origin, from a base meaning ‘follow’; related to Dutch leest and German Leisten .

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