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The meaning of Pattern

Pattern – definition


A repeated decorative design.

Usage examples:

A neat blue herringbone pattern

A model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.

Usage examples:

Make a pattern for the zigzag edge

An example for others to follow.

Usage examples:

He set the pattern for subsequent study

Decorate with a repeated design.

Usage examples:

He was sitting on a soft carpet patterned in rich colours

Give a regular or intelligible form to.

Usage examples:

The brain not only receives information, but interprets and patterns it

A particular way in which something is done or organized, or in which something happens

Usage examples:

Our weather pattern comes from the northwest., a whole variety of behavior patterns affect infants.…

A particular way in which something usually happens or is done

Usage examples:

A pattern of sth a pattern of sluggish consumer demand made growth targets impossibly high., a patt…

Pattern translation into English

Pattern: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pattern into Chinese (Simplified)}
图案, 模式, 格局, 方式, 型, 样式, 图样, 模型, 形态, 模, 格式, 样, 式, 模样, 格, 程式, 榜样, 样子, 仿造, 模范, 模子, 模仿, 范例, 范, 型号, 训, 规率, 模形

Pattern: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pattern into Dutch}
Patroon, Model, Model-, Voorbeeld, Knippatroon, Vormen, Toonbeeld, Modelleren, Staal, Naar een model maken, Volgens patroon maken, Monsteren, Tot voorbeeld nemen

Pattern: translate from English into French

Translate pattern into French}
Motif, Modèle, Patron, Dessin, Échantillon, Exemple, Style, Sculpture, Impression, Modeler, Façonner, Poinçon, Se modeler, Patronner, Orner de motifs, Suivre l'exemple

Pattern: translate from English into German

Translate pattern into German}
Muster, Schema, Modell, Vorlage, Schnitt, Schablone, Musterung, Beispiel, Gebilde, Probe, Nachbilden, Gussmodell, Mit einem muster versehen, Machen nach

Pattern: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pattern into Hindi}
नमूना, पैटर्न, स्वरूप, प्रतिरूप, प्रतिमान, मिसाल, साँचा, प्रतिमा आकार, उदाहरण, नमूना देना, नमूना लना, नमूना बनाना, नक़ल बनाना, साँचा बनाना, प्रतिलिपि बनाना, आदर्श, ढाँचा

Pattern: translate from English into Italian

Translate pattern into Italian}
Modello, Motivo, Schema, Disegno, Tipo, Esempio, Campione, Modellare, Prendere a modello, Fare su modello

Pattern: translate from English into Korean

Translate pattern into Korean}
무늬, 모양, 유형, 도안, 원형, 모범, 견본, 행동 따위의 유형, 한 벌치의 옷감, 모범적인 아내의, 모범적인 남편의, 모조하다, ...에 무늬를 넣다, 유형을 이루다

Pattern: translate from English into Russian

Translate pattern into Russian}
Шаблон, Узор, Образец, Рисунок, Модель, Характер, Структура, Схема, Диаграмма, Форма, Пример, Характеристика, Система, Стиль, Выкройка, Трафарет, Строение, Образчик, Лекало, Копировать, Образцовый, Следовать примеру, Примерный, Делать по образцу, Купон на платье, Отрез на платье, Калибр, Украшать узором

Pattern: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pattern into Spanish}
Patrón, Modelo, Pauta, Diseño, Dibujo, Forma, Estampado, Muestra, Modelar, Dispersión, Diseñar, Escantillón, Estampar, Adornar con dibujos

Word origin

Middle English patron ‘something serving as a model’, from Old French (see patron). The change in sense is from the idea of a patron giving an example to be copied. Metathesis in the second

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