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The meaning of Endure


Endure – definition


Suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently.

Usage examples:

It seemed impossible that anyone could endure such pain

Undergo or be subjected to


To experience and bear something difficult, painful, or unpleasant

Usage examples:

[ t ] we had to endure a nine-hour delay at the airport.

Endure translation into English

Endure: translate from English into Chinese

Translate endure into Chinese (Simplified)}
忍受, 挨, 忍, 承受, 经受, 受, 继续, 堪, 克服, 挺, 经

Endure: translate from English into Dutch

Translate endure into Dutch}
Volhouden, Verdragen, Verduren, Uithouden, Duren, Voortduren, Dulden, Aanhouden, In stand blijven, Beklijven

Endure: translate from English into French

Translate endure into French}
Supporter, Endurer, Durer, Rester

Endure: translate from English into German

Translate endure into German}
Ertragen, Aushalten, Erdulden, Bestehen, Erleiden, Tragen, Vertragen, Ausstehen, Durchleiden

Endure: translate from English into Hindi

Translate endure into Hindi}
सहना, भोगना, टिकना, चालू रहना, भुगतना, सहन करना

Endure: translate from English into Italian

Translate endure into Italian}
Sopportare, Resistere, Subire, Tollerare, Soffrire

Endure: translate from English into Korean

Translate endure into Korean}
견디다, 참다, 버티다, 허용하다, 지탱하다

Endure: translate from English into Russian

Translate endure into Russian}
Терпеть, Вынести, Выдюжить, Выносить, Вытерпеть, Выдерживать, Длиться, Продолжаться, Стойко переносить, Выдерживать испытание временем

Endure: translate from English into Spanish

Translate endure into Spanish}
Soportar, Perdurar, Aguantar, Resistir, Durar, Tolerar, Sobrellevar, Padecer, Aguantarse, Endurar, Sufrir sin rendirse

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French endurer, from Latin indurare ‘harden’, from in- ‘in’ + durus ‘hard’.

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