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The meaning of Lash

Lash – definition


(of an animal) move (a part of the body, especially the tail) quickly and violently.

Usage examples:

The cat was lashing its tail back and forth

Fasten (something) securely with a cord or rope.

Usage examples:

The hatch was securely lashed down

A sharp blow or stroke with a whip or rope.

Usage examples:

He was sentenced to fifty lashes for his crime

An eyelash.

Usage examples:

She fluttered her long dark lashes

A quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object


To hit someone or something with a lot of force, esp. using a stick or leather strip, or to move forcefully against something

Usage examples:

[ t ] the men lashed their horses into a run., [ i ] ice storms lashed across the state., lash the …

Lash translation into English

Lash: translate from English into Chinese

Translate lash into Chinese (Simplified)}
睫毛, 鞭笞, 鞭挞, 冲击, 鞭打, 鞭, 抽打, 皮鞭, 睫, 绑, 绑住, 绷

Lash: translate from English into Dutch

Translate lash into Dutch}
Zweep, Geselen, Wimper, Sjorren, Vastsjorren, Zweepslag, Geseling, Zwepen, Zweepkoord, Geselroede, Slaan, Ooghaartje, Achteruitslaan, Wild stromen, Uit de band springen

Lash: translate from English into French

Translate lash into French}
Fouetter, Mèche, Coup, Coup de fouet, Attacher, Fustiger, Lanière, Fixer, Réprimander, Corde, Envoyer des coups, Tomber avec violence, Réprimande

Lash: translate from English into German

Translate lash into German}
Peitsche, Peitschen, Schlag, Wimper, Auspeitschen, Festbinden, Schnur, Schlagen, Peitschenhieb, Peitschen gegen, Peitschenschlag, Heruntermachen, Abkanzeln, Schärfe

Lash: translate from English into Hindi

Translate lash into Hindi}
चाबुक, जोर से मारना, कोड़ा, हिलाना, हिलना, चाबुक की मार, कोड़ा मारना, कोड़े से मारना, कोड़े का आघात, कोड़े लगाना, प्रहार करना, उत्तेजित करना

Lash: translate from English into Italian

Translate lash into Italian}
Frusta, Sferza, Frustata, Sferzare, Frustare, Legare, Ciglio, Agitare, Incitare, Battere violentemente, Nerbo, Sarcasmo, Frangersi su

Lash: translate from English into Korean

Translate lash into Korean}
속눈썹, 묶다, 채찍의 유연한 부분, 채찍질하기, 휘몰아치는 힘, 휘몰아치는 것, 가동 부품 사이의 틈, 채찍으로 치다, 채찍질하다, 후려치다, 세차게 부딪치다, 자극하다, 휙 움직이다, 세차게 움직이다, 발행하다, 낭비하다

Lash: translate from English into Russian

Translate lash into Russian}
Плеть, Хлестать, Бич, Удар плетью, Плетка, Стегать, Ресница, Ремень, Порка, Привязывать, Удар хлыстом, Удар бичом, Резкий упрек, Критика, Ударять, Бичевать, Высмеивать, Возбуждать, Доводить, Ринуться, Мчаться, Нестись, Связывать

Lash: translate from English into Spanish

Translate lash into Spanish}
Latigazo, Látigo, Azotar, Pestaña, Azote, Fustigar, Tralla, Coletazo, Golpear, Atar, Trincar, Hostigar, Montar, Dar latigazos a, Dar una paliza, Increpar, Amarrar

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘make a sudden movement’): probably imitative.

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