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The meaning of Hurls


Hurls – definition


Throw or impel (someone or something) with great force.

Usage examples:

Rioters hurled a brick through the windscreen

A ride in a vehicle; a lift.

Usage examples:

Hey pal, any chance of a hurl?

To throw something forcefully

Usage examples:

The volcano hurled hundreds of tons of rock, ash, and dust into the air., he hurled (= shouted) ins…

Hurls translation into English

Hurls: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hurls into Chinese (Simplified)}
投掷, 投, 摔, 愤慨地说出

Hurls: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hurls into Dutch}
Slingert, Smijten, Slingeren, Werpen, Sprong, Ruk

Hurls: translate from English into French

Translate hurls into French}
Lance, Lancer, Jeter, Précipiter, Jeter avec violence, Se ruer, Se précipiter, Balancer

Hurls: translate from English into German

Translate hurls into German}
Schleudert, Schleudern, Stürzen, Ballern, Pfeffern

Hurls: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hurls into Hindi}
हर्ल्स, उछालना, वेग से फेंकना, चक्कर देना

Hurls: translate from English into Italian

Translate hurls into Italian}
Scaglia, Scagliare, Lanciare, Scaraventare, Gettare, Lanciarsi, Slanciarsi, Vibrare, Sbattere, Avventarsi

Hurls: translate from English into Korean

Translate hurls into Korean}
던지다, 퍼붓다, 세게 던지기, 차로 운반하다

Hurls: translate from English into Russian

Translate hurls into Russian}
Швыряет, Метать, Бросать, Швырять, Швыряться, Валить, Разражаться, Сильный бросок, Бита, Клюшка

Hurls: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hurls into Spanish}
Lanza, Lanzar, Arrojar, Lanzamiento, Tirar algo

Word origin

Middle English: probably imitative, but corresponding in form and partly in sense with Low German hurreln .

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