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The meaning of Launch

Launch – definition


Set (a boat) in motion by pushing it or allowing it to roll into the water.

Usage examples:

The town's lifeboat was launched to rescue the fishermen

Start or set in motion (an activity or enterprise).

Usage examples:

The government is to launch a £1.25 million publicity campaign

An act or instance of launching something.

Usage examples:

The launch of a new campaign against drinking and driving

A large motorboat, used especially for short trips.

Usage examples:

She cruised the waterways on a luxury motor launch

Propel with force


To send something out, esp. a vehicle into space or a ship onto water

Usage examples:

On the last shuttle mission, the crew launched a communications satellite., [ t ] we’re planning to…

The introduction of a new product or service for sale to the public

Usage examples:

Since its launch, the game console has sold 6.7 million units around the world., brand/product laun…

Launch translation into English

Launch: translate from English into Chinese

Translate launch into Chinese (Simplified)}
发射, 发动, 发起, 开展, 弹射, 快艇

Launch: translate from English into Dutch

Translate launch into Dutch}
Launch, Lancering, Lanceren, Begin, Tewaterlating, Uitbrengen, Sloep, Barkas, Boot, Te water laten, Op de markt brengen, Uitschrijven, Werpen, Op touw zetten, Slingeren, Uitzetten, Loslaten, Van stapel lopen, Afschieten, Toebrengen, Van stapel laten lopen, Laten gaan, Ontketenen

Launch: translate from English into French

Translate launch into French}
Lancement, Lancer, Entamer, Déclencher, Chaloupe, Vedette, Se lancer, Commencer, Mettre à la mer

Launch: translate from English into German

Translate launch into German}
Start, Starten, Einführung, Lancierung, Lancieren, Abschuss, Gründung, Eröffnung, Einführen, Gründen, Premiere, Barkasse, Auf den markt bringen, Herausbringen, Abschießen, In angriff nehmen, Schleudern, Katapultieren, Stapellauf, In die wege leiten, Vom stapel lassen, Aussetzen, Taufen, Loslassen, Emittieren, Zu wasser lassen, Einlaufen lassen, Auf die bühne bringen, Ausgeben, Emission

Launch: translate from English into Hindi

Translate launch into Hindi}
प्रक्षेपण, लांच, प्रमोचन, जलावतरण, उतारना, नाव, पानी में सरकना, पानी में डालना, फेंकना, चालू करना, समुद्र में उतारना, छोड़ना, नए जहाज़ को पानी में उतारना, प्रारंभ करना, जलावतर

Launch: translate from English into Italian

Translate launch into Italian}
Lancio, Lanciare, Lancia, Varo, Varare, Lanciarsi, Sferrare, Scialuppa, Scagliare, Catapultare, Mettere in acqua, Scendere in mare

Launch: translate from English into Korean

Translate launch into Korean}
시작하다, 쏘다, 나서다, 란치, 진수시키다, 세상 따위로 사람을 내보내다, 내보내다, 진수하다, 화살 따위를 쏘다, 창 따위를 쏘다

Launch: translate from English into Russian

Translate launch into Russian}
Запуск, Запускать, Катер, Баркас, Начинать, Бросать, Спускать на воду, Выпускать, Предпринимать, Метать, Моторная лодка, Разразиться, Спускать судно на воду, Пускать в ход, Катапультировать, Горячо высказать, Спуск судна на воду

Launch: translate from English into Spanish

Translate launch into Spanish}
Lanzar, Lanzamiento, Iniciar, Presentación, Lancha, Botadura, Presentar, Emprender, Comenzar, Bote, Empezar, Crear, Botar, Fundar, Estrenar, Falúa, Emitir, Poner en operación, Hacer una presentación, Echar al agua, Largar, Hacer una introducción

Word origin

late 17th century: from Spanish lancha ‘pinnace’, perhaps from Malay lancharan, from lanchar ‘swift, nimble’.

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