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The meaning of Exterior


Exterior – definition


Forming, situated on, or relating to the outside of something.

Usage examples:

Exterior and interior walls

The outer surface or structure of something.

Usage examples:

A jar with floral designs on the exterior

Outer; on or from the outside

Usage examples:

The exterior walls of the house are painted pink., the exterior of the house needs painting.

Exterior translation into English

Exterior: translate from English into Chinese

Translate exterior into Chinese (Simplified)}
外部的, 外观, 表面, 表, 外边, 洋的, 外来的, 外国的, 局外的, 表面的, 表部的

Exterior: translate from English into Dutch

Translate exterior into Dutch}
Buitenkant, Buiten-, Uiterlijk, Uitwendig, Buitenste, Van buiten, Aanblik, Aanschijn

Exterior: translate from English into French

Translate exterior into French}
Extérieur, Du dehors

Exterior: translate from English into German

Translate exterior into German}
Außen, Außenseite, Außen-, Äußere, Hülle, Außenaufnahme

Exterior: translate from English into Hindi

Translate exterior into Hindi}
बाहरी, बाह्य, आकार, सूरत, डील-डौल, बाहरी भाग, बहिर्भाग

Exterior: translate from English into Italian

Translate exterior into Italian}
Esterno, Esteriore, Esteriorità

Exterior: translate from English into Korean

Translate exterior into Korean}
외부, 외모, 옥외 풍경, 관계 없는, 외관상의, 외면의, 외부의, 대외적인

Exterior: translate from English into Russian

Translate exterior into Russian}
Экстерьер, Внешний, Внешность, Наружный, Внешняя сторона, Наружность, Наружная сторона, Натура, Посторонний, Съемка на натуре, Иностранный, Зарубежный

Exterior: translate from English into Spanish

Translate exterior into Spanish}
Exterior, Externo, Aspecto

Word origin

early 16th century: from Latin, comparative of exter ‘outer’.

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