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The meaning of Hold

Hold – definition


Grasp, carry, or support with one's hands.

Usage examples:

She was holding a brown leather suitcase

Remain secure, intact, or in position without breaking or giving way.

Usage examples:

The boat's anchor would not hold

Contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount).

Usage examples:

The tank held twenty-four gallons

Have in one's possession.

Usage examples:

The managing director still holds fifty shares in the company

Keep or reserve for someone.

Usage examples:

A booking can be held for twenty-four hours

Prevent from going ahead or occurring.

Usage examples:

Hold your fire!

Arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation).

Usage examples:

A meeting was held at the church

An act or manner of grasping something; a grip.

Usage examples:

He caught hold of her arm

Power or control.

Usage examples:

Tom had some kind of hold over his father

A fortress.


A large compartment or space in the lower part of a ship or aircraft in which cargo is stowed.

Usage examples:

Oversized baggage is placed in the hold of the plane

Have in one's hands or grip


To take and keep something in your hand or arms

Usage examples:

[ t ] the nurse held the child in her arms., [ i ] hold tight (= firmly) to the railing., [ m ] ros…

To have something, especially a position or money, or to control something

Usage examples:

Hold power/control the ceo holds power only as long as the directors approve of his methods., hold …

Hold translation into English

Hold: translate from English into Chinese

Translate hold into Chinese (Simplified)}
抓住, 保持, 持有, 保留, 举行, 握住, 抱, 保存, 举办, 容纳, 持, 拥有, 认为, 把握, 把, 握, 占据, 占有, 拿, 开, 执, 保, 主张, 盛, 容, 操, 货舱, 手, 占领, 认定, 秉, 承, 载, 仓, 拥护, 捉, 算数, 掗, 摠, 包, 搤

Hold: translate from English into Dutch

Translate hold into Dutch}
Uitstel, Greep, Houden, Vasthouden, Bevatten, Behouden, Inhouden, Ophouden, Houvast, Vat, Macht, Steun, Doorgaan, Stilhouden, Terughouden, Invloed, Achterhouden, Niet loslaten, In zijn bezit hebben, Steunpunt, Van kracht blijven

Hold: translate from English into French

Translate hold into French}
Tenir, Détenir, Prise, Cale, Contenir, Emprise, Retenir, Soute, Conserver, Garder, Occuper, Avoir, Rester, Résister, Continuer, Durer, Contrôle, Immobilisation, Receler, Autorité, Combattre, Ravaler, Valoir pour, Berceau, Arrestation, Compréhension

Hold: translate from English into German

Translate hold into German}
Halt, Halten, Besitzen, Festhalten, Haben, Aufnehmen, Abhalten, Fassen, Veranstalten, Innehaben, Vertreten, Einfluss, Griff, Greifen, Bergen, Durchführen, Bekleiden, Standhalten, Zurückhalten, Feiern, Glauben, Laderaum, Sich halten, Verwalten, Heben, Frachtraum, Gewalt, Verhalten, Umklammern, Versehen, Einstellen, Abnehmen, Austragen, Vorstehen

Hold: translate from English into Hindi

Translate hold into Hindi}
पकड़, दबाए रखें, पकड़ना, रखना, रोकना, असर, अधिकार, धरना, लगा रहना, समाई रखना, चालू रखना, मनाना, अनुष्ठन रखना, धरण रखना, अधिकार में रखना, पकडे रखना, कब्जा, जहाज का पेटा

Hold: translate from English into Italian

Translate hold into Italian}
Presa, Stretta, Tenere, Contenere, Stiva, Mantenere, Ospitare, Detenere, Trattenere, Possedere, Reggere, Ritenere, Ricoprire, Tenersi, Occupare, Fermare, Rivestire, Sostegno, Continuare, Racchiudere, Durare, Appiglio, Coprire, Pensare, Persistere, Ascendente, Influenza, Essere valido

Hold: translate from English into Korean

Translate hold into Korean}
잡고 있다, 보류, 보유, 파악, 장악, 들다, 열다, 쥐다, 지배력, 행하다, 지내다, 넣다, 끌다, 끼다, 쥐는 곳, 붙잡는 곳, 성채, 초 읽기 중지, 손에 쥐다, 보존하다, 소유하다, 보유하다, 개최하다, 유치하다, 계속 노래하다, 계속 연주하다, 지속하다, 효력이 있다

Hold: translate from English into Russian

Translate hold into Russian}
Держать, Занимать, Удерживать, Проводить, Владение, Трюм, Захват, Держаться, Иметь, Вести, Считать, Владеть, Сохранять, Задерживать, Сдерживать, Устраивать, Вмещать, Придерживать, Удерживание, Выдерживать, Стоять, Власть, Продержать, Полагать, Содержать в себе, Оборонять, Пауза, Останавливать, Придерживаться мнения, Резервировать, Опора, Иметь силу, Овладевать, Оставаться в силе, Праздновать, Влияние, Не поддаваться, Заключать в себе, Держать в тюрьме, Отмечать, Ушко, Фермата, Понимание, Способность понимания, Оказывать влияние на кого-л., То, за что можно ухватиться

Hold: translate from English into Spanish

Translate hold into Spanish}
Mantener, Asimiento, Celebrar, Sostener, Contener, Tener, Retener, Sujetar, Guardar, Ocupar, Soportar, Resistir, Agarrar, Agarrarse, Ostentar, Coger, Seguir, Estar, Asidero, Estar en posesión de, Continuar, Valer, Mantenerse firme, Agarro, Dominio, Presa, Arraigo, Tener capacidad, Agarrarse a, Influencia, Tener capacidad para, Recuperar, Pegarse, Bodega de carga, Seguir bueno, Compartimiento de carga, Ser valedero, Tener en reserva, Tener guardado, Ofrecer

Word origin

late 16th century: from obsolete holl, from Old English hol (see hole). The addition of -d was due to association with hold1.

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