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The meaning of Grip


Grip – definition


Take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly.

Usage examples:

His knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel

(of an emotion or situation) have a strong or adverse effect on.

Usage examples:

She was gripped by a feeling of excitement

A firm hold; a tight grasp.

Usage examples:

His arm was held in a vice-like grip

Effective control over something.

Usage examples:

He had to take a grip on his nerves

A part or attachment by which something is held in the hand.

Usage examples:

Handlebar grips

A travelling bag.

Usage examples:

A grip crammed with new clothes

A stagehand in a theatre.

Usage examples:

I am a grip and lighting designer working in the dc area.

Hold fast or firmly

Grip translation into English

Grip: translate from English into Chinese

Translate grip into Chinese (Simplified)}
紧握, 握, 把手, 抓住, 握住, 抱住, 钳, 咬, 扼, 操, 握力

Grip: translate from English into Dutch

Translate grip into Dutch}
Greep, Grijpen, Houvast, Pakken, Vastgrijpen, Bemachtigen, Macht, Beetpakken, Begrip, Voor, Boeien, Meesterschap, Greppel

Grip: translate from English into French

Translate grip into French}
Saisir, Poignée, Prise, Poigne, Étreinte, Enserrer, Empoigner, Valise, Sac de voyage, Tenir serré, Convulser, Nécessaire de voyage

Grip: translate from English into German

Translate grip into German}
Griff, Griffigkeit, Greifen, Ergreifen, Fassen, Klemme, Gewalt, Packen, Herrschaft, Klammer, Umklammern, Heft, Fesseln, Verständnis, Begreifen, Befallen, Kulissenschieber, Festmachen

Grip: translate from English into Hindi

Translate grip into Hindi}
पकड़, चंगुल, समझ, मूठ, मूंठ, जकड़न, कसकर पकड़ना, जकड़ना, गिरफ़्त, जकड़

Grip: translate from English into Italian

Translate grip into Italian}
Presa, Impugnatura, Manopola, Morsa, Stretta, Afferrare, Manico, Impugnare, Stringere, Borsa, Tenere fermo, Avvincere

Grip: translate from English into Korean

Translate grip into Korean}
꽉 붙잡음, 손잡이, 잡음, 쥐기, 파악력, 잡는 법, 손가방, 복통, 불유쾌, 보트 매어두는 밧줄, 무대에서 일하는 사용인

Grip: translate from English into Russian

Translate grip into Russian}
Схватить, Рукоятка, Ручка, Захват, Власть, Контроль, Сжатие, Хватка, Зажим, Захватывать, Рукоять, Тиски, Пожатие, Зажимать, Зажатие, Охватывать, Сжимать, Схватывание, Схватывать, Саквояж, Эфес, Сжимание, Овладевать, Крепко держать, Понимать, Умение овладеть положением, Способность понять, Способность схватить, Цепкость ума, Умение овладеть вниманием, Лапа, Небольшая канава, Обуревать, Овладевать вниманием, Затирать

Grip: translate from English into Spanish

Translate grip into Spanish}
Agarre, Apretón, Empuñadura, Control, Agarrar, Asidero, Asimiento, Agarrarse, Asir, Apretar, Agarradero, Agarro, Empuñar, Maletín, Apoderarse de, Bolsa, Dominar a, Saco de mano, Dominio tenso, Absorber la atención de, Tener suspenso a

Word origin

Old English grippa (verb), gripe ‘grasp, clutch’ (noun), gripa ‘handful, sheath’; related to gripe.

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