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The meaning of Frisked


Frisked – definition


(of a police officer or other official) pass the hands over (someone) in a search for hidden weapons, drugs, or other items.

Usage examples:

He raised his arms to permit the officer to frisk him

Skip or leap playfully; frolic.

Usage examples:

Spaniels frisked around me

An act of frisking someone.

Usage examples:

A frisk search

A playful skip or leap.

Usage examples:

As the procession approached hadleigh, he slipped off his horse, and leaped and took a frisk or two…

Past simple and past participle of frisk

Usage examples:

We were all frisked at the airport., a postcard with a picture of lambs frisking in the fields

Frisked translation into English

Frisked: translate from English into Chinese

Translate frisked into Chinese (Simplified)}
被搜身, 欢欣鼓舞, 抄身

Frisked: translate from English into Dutch

Translate frisked into Dutch}
Gefouilleerd, Dartelen, Springen, Vrolijk rondhuppelen, Huppelen

Frisked: translate from English into French

Translate frisked into French}
Fouillé, Fouiller, Gambader, Batifoler, Folâtrer

Frisked: translate from English into German

Translate frisked into German}
Gefilzt, Filzen, Hüpfen, Umhertollen, Durchsuchen, Abtasten, Trippeln

Frisked: translate from English into Hindi

Translate frisked into Hindi}
नीचे पीठ थपथपाई, नाचना, क्रीड़ा करना

Frisked: translate from English into Italian

Translate frisked into Italian}
Perquisito, Perquisire, Agitare, Saltellare, Fare salti, Fare capriole

Frisked: translate from English into Korean

Translate frisked into Korean}
튀긴, 뒤흔들다, 뛰어 돌아다니다, 몸을 옷 위로 만져 뒤지다

Frisked: translate from English into Russian

Translate frisked into Russian}
Обыскали, Обыскивать, Резвиться, Прыгать

Frisked: translate from English into Spanish

Translate frisked into Spanish}
Cacheado, Cachear, Brincar, Retozar, Cabriolar, Registrar por, Juguetear

Word origin

early 16th century (in frisk (sense 2 of the noun)): from obsolete frisk ‘lively, frisky’, from Old French frisque ‘alert, lively, merry’, perhaps of Germanic origin. frisk (sense 1 of the no

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