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The meaning of Flap

Flap – definition


(of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly.

Usage examples:

A pheasant flapped its wings

A thin, flat piece of cloth, paper, metal, etc. that is hinged or attached on one side only and covers an opening or hangs down from something.

Usage examples:

The flap of the envelope

An act of flapping something, typically a wing or arm, up and down or from side to side.

Usage examples:

The surviving bird made a few final despairing flaps

A state of agitation; a panic.

Usage examples:

Your gran was in a flap, worrying she'd put her foot in it

A large broad mushroom.


A type of consonant produced by allowing the tip of the tongue to strike the palate very briefly.


Move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion


(of a bird’s wings) to wave up and down while flying, or (of objects that cannot fly) to move quickly from side to side or up and down

Usage examples:

[ t ] a small bird flapped its wings., [ i ] flags flapped in the breeze., a pocket/tent flap, she …

Flap translation into English

Flap: translate from English into Chinese

Translate flap into Chinese (Simplified)}
襟翼, 扇动, 拍打, 摆动, 扑棱, 振, 扑, 扑闪, 拍击, 扇, 吹动, 鼓翼而飞, 拍动, 扑拉, 兜盖, 啪啪声, 拍打声, 砰砰声

Flap: translate from English into Dutch

Translate flap into Dutch}
Klep, Klapperen, Fladderen, Lap, Flappen, Lapje, Klapwieken, Pand, Afhangende rand, Slaan, Oortel, Neerslaan

Flap: translate from English into French

Translate flap into French}
Rabat, Volet, Battre, Trappe, Claquer, Abattant, Panique, Crêpe épaisse

Flap: translate from English into German

Translate flap into German}
Klappe, Lasche, Latz, Landeklappe, Aufregung, Flügelschlag, Flattern, Schlappen, Schlagen, Panik, Knattern, Geschlagener laut

Flap: translate from English into Hindi

Translate flap into Hindi}
फ्लैप, पल्ला, लोलक, लटकती हुई वस्तु, कोट का लटकता हुआ भाग, पल्लव, पट्टी, आवरक

Flap: translate from English into Italian

Translate flap into Italian}
Lembo, Patta, Falda, Sbattere, Alettone, Linguetta, Colpo, Agitazione, Agitare, Battere, Muoversi

Flap: translate from English into Korean

Translate flap into Korean}
플랩, 축 늘어진 물건, 벌어진 갓, 안절부절 못함, 위기, 처지다, 안절부절 못하다, 쫓아 버리다, 두드려치기, 펄럭거림, 단전음, 날개를 치다, 펄럭이다, 파닥거리다, 딱때리다, 탁 소리를 내며 던지다

Flap: translate from English into Russian

Translate flap into Russian}
Лоскут, Клапан, Заслонка, Щиток, Махать, Хлопать, Створка, Взмахнуть, Закрылок, Пола, Крыло, Развеваться, Откидной борт, Хлопок, Удар, Взмах крыльев, Шлепок, Беспокойство, Откидная доска, Паника, Вентиль, Длинное висячее ухо, Тревога, Махнуть, Впадать в панику, Колыхаться, Хлопушка, Шлепанье, Колыхание знамени, Взмахивать крыльями, Трепыхаться, Шлепать, Бить, Взмахивать, Волноваться, Колыхать, Развевать, Свисать, Суетиться, Ударять, Развевающееся на ветру, Свешивающийся на ветру

Flap: translate from English into Spanish

Translate flap into Spanish}
Solapa, Batir, Aletear, Flap, Faldilla, Oreja, Agitarse, Hoja plegadiza, Aturdirse

Word origin

Middle English: probably imitative.

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