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The meaning of Twit

Twit – definition


A silly or foolish person.

Usage examples:

She has no patience with the upper-class twit her parents try to match her with

Tease or taunt (someone), especially in a good-humoured way.

Usage examples:

Her playmates could not twit her about her pigtail

A state of agitation or nervous excitement.

Usage examples:

We're in a twit about your visit

A person you think is stupid or foolish

Twit translation into English

Twit: translate from English into Chinese

Translate twit into Chinese (Simplified)}

Twit: translate from English into Dutch

Translate twit into Dutch}
Twit, Verwijt, Spot, Verwijten, Plagen

Twit: translate from English into French

Translate twit into French}
Crétin, Idiot, Imbécile, Corniaud, Taquiner, Ricaner

Twit: translate from English into German

Translate twit into German}
Trottel, Depp, Idiot, Schaf, Ochse, Dussel, Pflaume

Twit: translate from English into Hindi

Translate twit into Hindi}
निंदा, आक्षेप, झिड़की, आक्षेप करना, निंदा करना, झिड़की देना, फटकारना, डांटना

Twit: translate from English into Italian

Translate twit into Italian}
Scemo, Rimproverare, Rimprovero, Prendere in giro, Canzonare

Twit: translate from English into Korean

Translate twit into Korean}
멍청이, 힐책, 바보, 초조한 상태, 실의 가는 부분, 실의 약한 부분, 신경의 항진, 꾸짖자

Twit: translate from English into Russian

Translate twit into Russian}
Придурок, Упрек, Обалдуй, Колкость, Дурак, Попрек, Упрекать, Насмехаться, Насмешка, Попрекать, Говорить колкости

Twit: translate from English into Spanish

Translate twit into Spanish}
Estafermo, Berzotas, Tomar pelo, Pavipollo, Piernas, Percebe, Embromar, Guasearse, Tonto como un asno

Word origin

probably from twitter.

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