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The meaning of Blow-up

Blow-up – definition

phrasal verb

Fill with gas or air

phrasal verb


Usage examples:

The car blew up as soon as it hit the wall
phrasal verb

To become suddenly very angry

Usage examples:

He may blow up when he finds out how much i spent., i'm going to have this photo blown up and framed.

A problem

Usage examples:

I don't see any kind of blowup event that's going to cause the market to lose value.

Blow-up translation into English

Blow-up: translate from English into Chinese

Translate blow-up into Chinese (Simplified)}
爆炸, 爆破, 炸, 放大, 打气, 自大

Blow-up: translate from English into Dutch

Translate blow-up into Dutch}
Opblazen, Doen springen

Blow-up: translate from English into French

Translate blow-up into French}
Exploser, Sauter, Faire sauter, Gonfler, Éclater, Exagérer, Se lever, Se déclencher, Sauter au plafond, Passer un bon savon à, S'exploser

Blow-up: translate from English into German

Translate blow-up into German}
Sprengen, Explodieren, Aufblasen, Hochgehen, Vergrößern, Hochjagen, In die luft fliegen, Ausbrechen, Aufbauschen, Aufplustern, Sich aufbauschen

Blow-up: translate from English into Hindi

Translate blow-up into Hindi}
झटका, उकसाना, भड़काना, बढ़ाके दिखाना, फुलना, हवा भरना

Blow-up: translate from English into Italian

Translate blow-up into Italian}
Saltare, Montare

Blow-up: translate from English into Korean

Translate blow-up into Korean}
폭발하다, 불어일으키다, 폭파하다, 쏘다

Blow-up: translate from English into Russian

Translate blow-up into Russian}
Взрывать, Взорвать, Взрываться, Раздувать, Взлететь на воздух, Пыжиться, Надуваться, Увеличивать, Клубить, Преувеличивать, Ругать, Бранить, Расстраивать, Выходить из себя

Blow-up: translate from English into Spanish

Translate blow-up into Spanish}
Explotar, Volar, Estallar, Hacer saltar, Reventar, Inflar, Explosionar, Ampliar, Hacer creer, Hacer un reventón, Salir de sus casillas, Dar bombo

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