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The meaning of Detaching


Detaching – definition


Disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.

Usage examples:

He detached the front lamp from its bracket

Leave or separate oneself from (a group or place).

Usage examples:

A figure in brown detached itself from the shadows

(of a group of soldiers or ships) be sent on a separate mission.

Usage examples:

Our crew were detached to tabuk for the exercise

Present participle of detach

Usage examples:

You can detach the hood if you prefer the coat without it., detach the lower part of the form from …

Detaching translation into English

Detaching: translate from English into Chinese

Translate detaching into Chinese (Simplified)}
分离, 脱离, 异

Detaching: translate from English into Dutch

Translate detaching into Dutch}
Losmaken, Scheiden, Detacheren, Afzonderen, Uitzenden

Detaching: translate from English into French

Translate detaching into French}
Détacher, Séparer, Envoyer un détachement, Affaiblir

Detaching: translate from English into German

Translate detaching into German}
Ablösen, Trennen, Entfernen, Abtrennen, Loslösen, Absondern, Freimachen, Wegnehmen, Abkommandieren

Detaching: translate from English into Hindi

Translate detaching into Hindi}
Detaching, अलग करना, बिलगाना, विच्छिन्न करना, अलगाना, जुदा करना, पृथक करना

Detaching: translate from English into Italian

Translate detaching into Italian}
Distacco, Distaccare

Detaching: translate from English into Korean

Translate detaching into Korean}
분리, 떼다, 파견하다

Detaching: translate from English into Russian

Translate detaching into Russian}
Отделение, Отделяться, Отделять, Отцеплять, Отрядить, Отряжать, Разъединять, Прерывать соединение, Откомандировывать, Отвязывать, Посылать

Detaching: translate from English into Spanish

Translate detaching into Spanish}
Separando, Despegar, Destacar, Dividir en

Word origin

late 16th century (in the sense ‘discharge a gun’): from French détacher, earlier destacher, from des- (expressing reversal) + attacher ‘attach’.

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