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The meaning of Abandon

Abandon – definition


Cease to support or look after (someone); desert.

Usage examples:

Her natural mother had abandoned her at an early age

Give up completely (a practice or a course of action).

Usage examples:

He had clearly abandoned all pretence of trying to succeed

Allow oneself to indulge in (a desire or impulse).

Usage examples:

They abandoned themselves to despair

Complete lack of inhibition or restraint.

Usage examples:

She sings and sways with total abandon

Forsake; leave behind


To leave behind or run away from someone or something, or to give up something

Usage examples:

Air attacks forced the villagers to abandon their homes., the weather was so bad, we abandoned our …

To stop an activity before it is finished, usually because you think you cannot succeed

Usage examples:

Abandon a project/plan/an idea the car maker has abandoned its plans to build a giant new plant., a…

Abandon translation into English

Abandon: translate from English into Chinese

Translate abandon into Chinese (Simplified)}
放弃, 抛弃, 弃, 舍弃, 摈弃, 丢弃, 废弃, 背弃, 舍, 撇弃, 扔下, 抛, 屏弃, 罢休, 捐, 朅, 屏

Abandon: translate from English into Dutch

Translate abandon into Dutch}
In de steek laten, Verlaten, Opgeven, Laten varen, Prijsgeven, Ongedwongenheid, Nonchalance, Afstand doen van, Losbandigheid, Abandonneren, Aan zijn lot overlaten, Afleggen

Abandon: translate from English into French

Translate abandon into French}
Abandonner, Renoncer à, Laisser, Délaisser, Se désister de

Abandon: translate from English into German

Translate abandon into German}
Aufgeben, Verlassen, Im stich lassen, Hingabe, Preisgeben, Aussetzen, Einstellen, Ablassen, Begraben, Stehen lassen, Selbstvergessenheit, Abkommen, Sitzen lassen

Abandon: translate from English into Hindi

Translate abandon into Hindi}
छोड़ देना, परित्याग करना, त्याग देना, जाने देना, लापरवाही की स्वतन्त्रता, त्याग करना, दूसरे के अधिकार में सौंप देना

Abandon: translate from English into Italian

Translate abandon into Italian}
Abbandono, Abbandonare, Lasciare, Cedere, Slancio, Trasporto, Piantare

Abandon: translate from English into Korean

Translate abandon into Korean}
버리다, 자유 분방, 그만두다, 포기하다, 넘겨주다, 투기하다

Abandon: translate from English into Russian

Translate abandon into Russian}
Покидать, Отказываться от, Оставлять, Бросать, Развязность, Предаваться, Несдержанность, Непринужденность

Abandon: translate from English into Spanish

Translate abandon into Spanish}
Abandonar, Abandono, Renunciar, Dejar, Desistir de, Despreocupación, Desenfado, Descuidar, Desenvoltura, Exponer, Partir, Energía

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French abandoner, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + bandon ‘control’ (related to ban1). The original sense was ‘bring under control’, later ‘give in to the cont

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