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The meaning of Pull off


Pull off – definition


Pull or pull out sharply

phrasal verb

Succeed in achieving or winning something difficult.

Usage examples:

He pulled off a brilliant first round win
phrasal verb

(of a vehicle) move to the side of or off the road.

Usage examples:

There is no place to pull off in case of an accident
phrasal verb

To succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected

Usage examples:

He won five straight games and pulled off one of the tournament’s biggest upsets.
phrasal verb

To manage to do something difficult

Usage examples:

Pull off a feat/miracle/deal it takes skilled negotiators to pull off a deal like that., it's an am…

Pull off translation into English

Pull off: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pull off into Chinese (Simplified)}

Pull off: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pull off into Dutch}
Aftrekken, Uittrekken, Klaarspelen, Afnemen, Prijs behalen

Pull off: translate from English into French

Translate pull off into French}
Retirer, Enlever, Réussir, Réaliser, Gagner, Démarrer

Pull off: translate from English into German

Translate pull off into German}
Abziehen, Ausziehen, Schaffen, Abreißen, Abnehmen, Drehen, Herunterziehen, Wegreißen, Herunterreißen, Zuwege bringen, Zu wege bringen, An land ziehen, Abstraffen

Pull off: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pull off into Hindi}
जीतना, अमल में लाना, फ़ायदा उठाना, जाना, (इनाम प्रतियोगिता) जीत लेना

Pull off: translate from English into Italian

Translate pull off into Italian}
Tirare fuori, Strappare, Terminare

Pull off: translate from English into Korean

Translate pull off into Korean}
벗다, 서둘러 벗다, 타다, 상을 타다, 배를 내다, 떠나다

Pull off: translate from English into Russian

Translate pull off into Russian}
Выдернуть, Снять, Стащить, Стянуть, Снимать, Стаскивать, Оттаскивать, Отъезжать, Сдергивать, Отходить, Выигрывать, Справляться с задачей

Pull off: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pull off into Spanish}
Lograr, Quitar, Arrancar, Conseguir, Quitarse, Ganarse, Concluir con éxito

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