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The meaning of Desert

Desert – definition


Abandon (a person, cause, or organization) in a way considered disloyal or treacherous.

Usage examples:

We feel our public representatives have deserted us

A waterless, desolate area of land with little or no vegetation, typically one covered with sand.

Usage examples:

The desert of the sinai peninsula is a harsh place

A flock of lapwings.

Usage examples:

A desert of lapwings rises from a ploughed field

To leave someone or something without help or in a difficult situation

Usage examples:

Local people deserted the city as hordes of tourists arrived., he denied that he had deserted his p…

Desert translation into English

Desert: translate from English into Chinese

Translate desert into Chinese (Simplified)}
沙漠, 荒漠, 抛弃, 漠, 开小差, 不毛之地, 废墟, 放弃, 瘠地, 体面, 背弃, 叛离, 荒漠土, 沙漠的

Desert: translate from English into Dutch

Translate desert into Dutch}
Woestijn, Verlaten, Deserteren, Onbewoond, Wildernis, Woestenij, Verdienste, Verdiende loon

Desert: translate from English into French

Translate desert into French}
Désert, Déserter, Abandonner, Désertique, Aride, Délaisser, Faire défection

Desert: translate from English into German

Translate desert into German}
Wüste, Verlassen, Einöde, Desertieren, Wüstenei, Öde, Wüst, Einsam, Überlaufen, Im stich lassen

Desert: translate from English into Hindi

Translate desert into Hindi}
रेगिस्तान, सुनसान, निर्जन, वीरान, निर्जन स्थान, मस्र्स्थल, मस्र्भूमि, सहरा, योग्यता, गुण, सूना, न बसा हुआ, छोड़ना, छोड़ देना, त्याग करना, त्यागना, कर्तव्य छोड़कर भागना, हट जाना, कूच करना, ख़ूबी, ग़ैर-आबाद, परित्याग करना, अभित्यजन करना, गुणावगुण, अर्हता

Desert: translate from English into Italian

Translate desert into Italian}
Deserto, Disertare, Abbandonare, Merito

Desert: translate from English into Korean

Translate desert into Korean}
사막, 버리다, 사막 같은, 당연한 응보, 상을 받을 만한 가치, 벌을 받을 만한 가치, 상을 받을 만한 자격, 벌을 받을 만한 자격, 없어지다, 의무를 버리다, 직무를 버리다, 불모의

Desert: translate from English into Russian

Translate desert into Russian}
Пустыня, Пустынный, Дезертировать, Необитаемый, Покидать, Заслуга, Награда, Скучная тема, Бросать, Оставлять, Необитаемое пустынное место, Скучная работа, Провинность, Наказание, Голый, Бесплодный, Оставленный, Обитающий в пустыне, Побросать

Desert: translate from English into Spanish

Translate desert into Spanish}
Desierto, Desertar, Abandonar, Desamparar, Tierra muerta

Word origin

Middle English: via Old French from late Latin desertum ‘something left waste’, neuter past participle of deserere ‘leave, forsake’.

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