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The meaning of Shun


Shun – definition


Persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution.

Usage examples:

He shunned fashionable society

Avoid and stay away from deliberately


To avoid or refuse to accept someone or something

Usage examples:

She shunned publicity after she retired from the stage.

Shun translation into English

Shun: translate from English into Chinese

Translate shun into Chinese (Simplified)}
顺, 躲避, 避免, 忌, 避讳, 避

Shun: translate from English into Dutch

Translate shun into Dutch}
Vermijden, Vlieden, Schuwen, Ontvlieden

Shun: translate from English into French

Translate shun into French}
Éviter, Fuir, Esquiver

Shun: translate from English into German

Translate shun into German}
Meiden, Scheuen, Fliehen

Shun: translate from English into Hindi

Translate shun into Hindi}
सीधे खड़े हो, दूर रहना, दूर करना, अलगाना, छोड़ना, त्यागना, दूर रखना, टाल जाना, बचाना, किनारा करना, अलग रहना

Shun: translate from English into Italian

Translate shun into Italian}
Evita, Evitare, Schivare, Scansare

Shun: translate from English into Korean

Translate shun into Korean}

Shun: translate from English into Russian

Translate shun into Russian}
Избегайте, Избегать, Остерегаться, Гнушаться, Держаться в стороне, Погнушаться, Смирно

Shun: translate from English into Spanish

Translate shun into Spanish}
Rehuir, Huir de, Esquivar, Descartarse de

Word origin

Old English scunian ‘abhor, shrink back with fear, seek safety from an enemy’, of unknown origin.

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