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Crop – definition


A cultivated plant that is grown on a large scale commercially, especially a cereal, fruit, or vegetable.

Usage examples:

The main crops were oats and barley

A group or amount of related people or things appearing or occurring at one time.

Usage examples:

The current crop of politicians

A hairstyle in which the hair is cut very short.

Usage examples:

She has her hair cut in a short crop

A pouch in a bird's gullet where food is stored or prepared for digestion.

Usage examples:

The parent waxbill partially digests food in its crop

The entire tanned hide of an animal.


Cut (something, especially a person's hair) very short.

Usage examples:

She cropped her long golden hair

(of an animal) bite off and eat the tops of (plants).

Usage examples:

The horse was gratefully cropping the grass

Harvest (plants or their produce) from a particular area.

Usage examples:

Hay would have been cropped several times through the summer

Short for riding crop or hunting crop.

Crop translation into English

Crop: translate from English into Chinese

Translate crop into Chinese (Simplified)}
庄稼, 作物, 农作物, 修剪, 收成, 种植, 嗉, 喷, 膆, 短发

Crop: translate from English into Dutch

Translate crop into Dutch}
Bijsnijden, Gewas, Oogst, Krop, Oogsten, Plukken, Afknippen, Maaien, Jachtzweep, Stok, Knipsel, Afgrazen, Afvreten, Kortstaarten

Crop: translate from English into French

Translate crop into French}
Recadrer, Surgir, Récolte, Jabot, Moisson, Couper, Récolter, Cultiver, Cravache, Poche, Ras, Affleurer, Tondre, Manche, Couper courte, Couper ras

Crop: translate from English into German

Translate crop into German}
Ernte, Frucht, Kropf, Gerte, Schnitt, Kupieren, Reitgerte, Schwung, Scheren, Stutzen, Tragen

Crop: translate from English into Hindi

Translate crop into Hindi}
काटना, फसल, फ़सल, उपज, छांटना

Crop: translate from English into Italian

Translate crop into Italian}
Ritaglia, Raccolto, Rifilare, Gozzo, Messe, Frustino, Raccogliere, Spuntare, Affioramento, Mozzare, Brucare, Piantare, Rapare, Rapata

Crop: translate from English into Korean

Translate crop into Korean}
수확고, 멀떠구니, 무리, 막깎기, 노두, 단발, 심다, 채찍의 손잡이, 동물 한 마리 분의 무두질한 가죽, 잘라먹다, 수확하다, 농작물이 ...하게 되다

Crop: translate from English into Russian

Translate crop into Russian}
Обрезать, Урожай, Культура, Посев, Зоб, Масса, Жатва, Добыча, Подстригать, Давать урожай, Собирать урожай, Обилие, Крупон, Щипать траву, Объедать, Коротко подстригать, Остригать, Засевать, Хлеб на корню, Кнутовище, Коротко остриженные волосы, Дубленая шкура

Crop: translate from English into Spanish

Translate crop into Spanish}
Cultivo, Cosecha, Cortar, Cosechar, Fusta, Corta, Látigo, Segar, Esquilar, Rapar, Pelo rapado, Buche de ave, Usar violencia

Word origin

Old English, of Germanic origin; related to German Kropf . From Old English to the late 18th century there existed a sense ‘flower head, ear of corn’, giving rise to crop (sense 1 of the noun

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