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The meaning of Intake

Intake – definition


An amount of food, air, or another substance taken into the body.

Usage examples:

Your daily intake of calories

The people taken into an organization at a particular time.

Usage examples:

The new intake of mps

A place or structure through which something is taken in, e.g. water into a channel or pipe from a river, fuel or air into an engine, etc.

Usage examples:

Cut rectangular holes for the air intake

Land reclaimed from a moor or common.


The amount of something such as food, breath, or a liquid that is taken in by someone or something

Usage examples:

The intake of fuel in a vehicle, a deep intake of breath

Intake translation into English

Intake: translate from English into Chinese

Translate intake into Chinese (Simplified)}

Intake: translate from English into Dutch

Translate intake into Dutch}
Inname, Absorbering, Het inzuigen, Inzuigend

Intake: translate from English into French

Translate intake into French}
Admission, Prise, Adduction, Absorption, Recrutement, Cours préparatoire, Admission d'air

Intake: translate from English into German

Translate intake into German}
Aufnahme, Einlass, Aufgenommene menge, Einsaugöffnung, Zugang, Aufsaugen, Zuflussrohr, Rekrutierung, Einführungsrohr, Aufgesaugte menge, Einströmende menge, Einströmungsöffnung

Intake: translate from English into Hindi

Translate intake into Hindi}
प्रवेश, दखल, प्रवेश का, दखल का, अंदर आने का, अंदर आना, अन्तर्ग्रहण, ग्रहण

Intake: translate from English into Italian

Translate intake into Italian}
Assunzione, Presa, Immissione, Nuovi assunti, Energia assorbita, Quantità emessa

Intake: translate from English into Korean

Translate intake into Korean}
섭취, 수입, 채용 인원, 매립지, 채용 인원수, 좁아진 부분, 받아 들이는 곳, 빨아 들이는 양

Intake: translate from English into Russian

Translate intake into Russian}
Потребление, Впускной, Всасывающий, Впуск, Поглощение, Всасывание, Впускное устройство, Втягивание, Литник, Набор учащихся, Приемное устройство, Разработанный участок земли, Всасывающее устройство, Рекрут, Вентиляционная выработка

Intake: translate from English into Spanish

Translate intake into Spanish}
Consumo, Entrada, Toma, Válvula de admisión, Tubo de admisión, Cantidad admitida, Número admitido

Word origin

Middle English (originally Scots and northern English): from in + take.

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