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The meaning of Afford

Afford – definition


Have enough money to pay for.

Usage examples:

The best that i could afford was a first-floor room

Provide or supply (an opportunity or facility).

Usage examples:

The rooftop terrace affords beautiful views

To have enough money or time to buy, keep, or do something

Usage examples:

[ t ] i don’t know how he can afford a new car., [ i ] can you afford to take any time off work?

To be able to buy or do something because you have enough money

Usage examples:

He is over 60 and can't afford his pension contributions., can afford to do sth debt is not necessa…

Afford translation into English

Afford: translate from English into Chinese

Translate afford into Chinese (Simplified)}
买得起, 给予, 力足以做

Afford: translate from English into Dutch

Translate afford into Dutch}
Veroorloven, Verschaffen, Geven, Opleveren, Kunnen betalen

Afford: translate from English into French

Translate afford into French}
S'offrir, Offrir, Fournir, Produire, Pouvoir se permettre, Pouvoir acheter, Pouvoir faire

Afford: translate from English into German

Translate afford into German}
Sich leisten, Gewähren, Verkraften, Erschwingen, Spenden, Sich etw leisten, Sich etw erlauben

Afford: translate from English into Hindi

Translate afford into Hindi}
खर्च वहन करना, देना, जुटाना, कर सकना, दे सकना, प्रदान करना, समर्थ होना

Afford: translate from English into Italian

Translate afford into Italian}
Permettersi, Offrire, Fornire, Procurare

Afford: translate from English into Korean

Translate afford into Korean}
형편이되다, 제공하다, ...할 수 있다, ...할 힘이 있다, ...의 힘이 있다, ...할 여가가 있다, ...의 여가가 있다, ...할 돈이 있다, ...의 돈이 있다, ...할 여유가 있다, ...의 여유가 있다

Afford: translate from English into Russian

Translate afford into Russian}
Предоставлять, Давать, Доставлять, Приносить, Иметь возможность, Быть в состоянии сделать, Позволять себе что-л.

Afford: translate from English into Spanish

Translate afford into Spanish}
Solventar, Permitirse, Permitirse el lujo, Proporcionar, Costearse

Word origin

late Old English geforthian, from ge- (prefix implying completeness) + forthian ‘to further’, from forth. The original sense was ‘promote, perform, accomplish’, later ‘manage, be in a positio

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