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The meaning of Render


Render – definition


Provide or give (a service, help, etc.).

Usage examples:

Money serves as a reward for services rendered

Cause to be or become; make.

Usage examples:

The rains rendered his escape impossible

Represent or depict artistically.

Usage examples:

The eyes and the cheeks are exceptionally well rendered

Covertly send (a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect) for interrogation abroad; subject to extraordinary rendition.

Usage examples:

My case is unique in the sense that i was the only person who was rendered from us soil.

Melt down (fat) in order to clarify it.

Usage examples:

The fat was being cut up and rendered for lard

Cover (stone or brick) with a coat of plaster.

Usage examples:

External walls will be rendered and tiled

A first coat of plaster applied to a brick or stone surface.

Usage examples:

Set stainless steel beads in position and apply scratch coat render at a thickness of 6/8mm.

Give or supply

Render translation into English

Render: translate from English into Chinese

Translate render into Chinese (Simplified)}
使成为, 给予, 粉刷, 交纳, 呈送, 译, 给以

Render: translate from English into Dutch

Translate render into Dutch}
Veroorzaken, Geven, Weergeven, Bewijzen, Teruggeven, Vertolken, Betuigen, Reproduceren, Overgeven, Opgeven, Betaling, Overleveren

Render: translate from English into French

Translate render into French}
Rendre, Fournir, Donner, Traduire, Interpréter, Enduire, Crépir, Faire fondre, Plâtrer

Render: translate from English into German

Translate render into German}
Machen, Übertragen, Leisten, Darstellen, Erweisen, Wiedergeben, Abgeben, Umsetzen, Verputzen, Auflassen

Render: translate from English into Hindi

Translate render into Hindi}
प्रदान करना, सौंपनेवाला, प्रस्तुत करना, लौटाना, देना, अनुवाद करना, प्रतिपादन करना, देनेवाला, बना देना, प्रतिपादन करनेवाला, अनुवाद करनेवाला, प्रस्तुत करनेवाला, बनानेवाला, सौंपना, बनाना, बना लेना, समर्पित करना

Render: translate from English into Italian

Translate render into Italian}
Rendere, Prestare, Presentare, Tradurre, Interpretare, Tributare, Cedere, Raffigurare, Sciogliere, Aiutare

Render: translate from English into Korean

Translate render into Korean}
세우다, 연공, 내다, 초벌칠, 애벌칠, 되게 하다, 되게 만들다, 치르다, 사람 등을 ...한 상태로 되게 하다, 사람 등을 ...한 상태로 되게 만들다, 봉사를 하다, 원조를 하다, 나타내다, 공경의 뜻 따위를 나타내다, 보답으로 주다, 당연히 지불해야 할 것을 치르다, 포기하다, 계산서 따위를 내다, 이유 따위를 내다, 회답 따위를 내다, 표현하다, 번역하다, 정제하다, 지방을 녹여서 정제하다, 초벌칠을 하다, 애벌칠을 하다, 벽의 초벌칠을 하다, 벽의 애벌칠을 하다, 보답하다, 녹여서 지방을 뽑아내다, 녹여서 기름을 뽑아내다, 녹여서 밀랍을 뽑아내다

Render: translate from English into Russian

Translate render into Russian}
Оказывать, Отдавать, Воспроизводить, Представлять, Передавать, Воздавать, Переводить, Исполнять, Перевод, Изображать, Превращать, Платить, Штукатурить, Травиться, Сдавать, Обмазывать, Оказывать услугу, Сдаваться, Топить, Платить дань, Идти в раскрут, Оплата, Первый слой штукатурки, Приводить в какое-л. состояние

Render: translate from English into Spanish

Translate render into Spanish}
Prestar, Hacer, Reproducir, Traducir, Entregar, Devolver, Derretir, Interpretar en, Pasar

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French rendre, from an alteration of Latin reddere ‘give back’, from re- ‘back’ + dare ‘give’. The earliest senses were ‘recite’, ‘translate’, and ‘give back’ (h

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