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The meaning of Accent

Accent – definition


A distinctive way of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a particular country, area, or social class.

Usage examples:

A strong american accent

A distinct emphasis given to a syllable or word in speech by stress or pitch.

Usage examples:

The accent falls on the middle syllable

A special or particular emphasis.

Usage examples:

The accent is on participation

Accent translation into English

Accent: translate from English into Chinese

Translate accent into Chinese (Simplified)}
口音, 重音, 调, 腔调, 腔, 音调, 重音符号

Accent: translate from English into Dutch

Translate accent into Dutch}
Accent, Accentueren, Nadruk, Klemtoon, Uitspraak, Toon, Beklemtonen, De nadruk leggen op, Accenten plaatsen op, Klankteken, Toonteken

Accent: translate from English into French

Translate accent into French}
Accent, Accentuer, Souligner

Accent: translate from English into German

Translate accent into German}
Akzent, Betonen, Betonung, Aussprache, Hervorhebung, Töne

Accent: translate from English into Hindi

Translate accent into Hindi}
लहजा, उच्चारण, बलाघात, स्वर, स्वरोच्चारण करना, पदाघात, आघात, स्वरचिहन, उच्चारण-चिह्न, स्वराघात

Accent: translate from English into Italian

Translate accent into Italian}
Accento, Accentare, Tono, Linguaggio, Espressioni, Mettere l'accento

Accent: translate from English into Korean

Translate accent into Korean}
악센트, 강조, 사투리, 강음, 말, 악센트를 두다, 강조하다, 악센트부호를 붙이다

Accent: translate from English into Russian

Translate accent into Russian}
Акцент, Акцентировать, Ударение, Произношение, Речь, Язык, Знак ударения, Ставить ударение, Отличительный признак, Главная черта, Делать ударение, Подчеркивать

Accent: translate from English into Spanish

Translate accent into Spanish}
Acento, Acentuar, Énfasis, Acento gráfico

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘intonation’): from Latin accentus ‘tone, signal, or intensity’ (from ad- ‘to’ + cantus ‘song’), translating Greek prosōidia ‘a song sung to music, intonatio

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