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The meaning of Cadence

Cadence – definition


A modulation or inflection of the voice.

Usage examples:

His measured cadences never convey the character's underlying passion

A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

Usage examples:

The final cadences of the prelude

A regular rise and fall of sound, esp. of the human voice

Usage examples:

She spoke in the lyrical cadence of her east african accent.

Cadence translation into English

Cadence: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cadence into Chinese (Simplified)}
节奏, 韵律, 终止

Cadence: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cadence into Dutch}
Cadans, Ritme, Maat, Toonval

Cadence: translate from English into French

Translate cadence into French}
Cadence, Rythme, Modulation de voix

Cadence: translate from English into German

Translate cadence into German}
Kadenz, Rhythmus, Tonfall, Schluss, Melodie

Cadence: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cadence into Hindi}
ताल, छोटा शाखा, स्वर का घटाना, तालबद्ध क़दम, केडेंस

Cadence: translate from English into Italian

Translate cadence into Italian}
Cadenza, Ritmo, Discendenza da un ramo cadetto

Cadence: translate from English into Korean

Translate cadence into Korean}
운율, 분가의 가계

Cadence: translate from English into Russian

Translate cadence into Russian}
Ритм, Каденция, Модуляция, Понижение голоса, Движение в ногу, Мерный шаг

Cadence: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cadence into Spanish}
Cadencia, Ritmo, Prosperamiento

Word origin

late Middle English (in the sense ‘rhythm or metrical beat’): via Old French from Italian cadenza, based on Latin cadere ‘to fall’.

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