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Pulse – definition


A rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them, typically as felt in the wrists or neck.

Usage examples:

The doctor found a faint pulse

A single vibration or short burst of sound, electric current, light, or other wave.

Usage examples:

A pulse of gamma rays

The central point of energy and organization in an area or activity.

Usage examples:

Those close to the financial and economic pulse maintain that there have been fundamental changes

A measured amount of an isotopic label given to a culture of cells.

Usage examples:

After the pulse, the cell repolarized uniformly to the plateau potential.

Throb rhythmically; pulsate.

Usage examples:

A knot of muscles at the side of his jaw pulsed

Modulate (a wave or beam) so that it becomes a series of pulses.

Usage examples:

The current was pulsed

The edible seed of a leguminous plant, for example a chickpea, lentil, or bean.

Usage examples:

Use pulses such as peas and lentils to eke out meat dishes

A regular rhythm made by blood being moved through your body by your heart, esp. when it is felt at the wrist or side of the neck

Usage examples:

The music pulses with soul, creole, and cuban rhythms.

To be or remain completely aware of what is happening in a situation

Usage examples:

He is a talented journalist with his finger on the pulse of the younger generation., most good agen…

Pulse translation into English

Pulse: translate from English into Chinese

Translate pulse into Chinese (Simplified)}
脉冲, 脉, 脉搏, 跳动, 荜, 脉息

Pulse: translate from English into Dutch

Translate pulse into Dutch}
Puls, Pols, Polsslag, Trilling, Peulvruchten, Kloppen, Peulvrucht, Slaan, Tel, Klopping

Pulse: translate from English into French

Translate pulse into French}
Impulsion, Pouls, Battement, Vibration, Battre, Palpitation, Frémissement, Légumes à gousse, Battre fort

Pulse: translate from English into German

Translate pulse into German}
Impuls, Puls, Pulsen, Hülsenfrucht, Rhythmus, Vitalität

Pulse: translate from English into Hindi

Translate pulse into Hindi}
धड़कन, नाड़ी, स्पंद, दाल, कंपन, थरथराहट, मनोभाव, मिज़ाज, नाड़ी-स्फुरण

Pulse: translate from English into Italian

Translate pulse into Italian}
Polso, Impulso, Pulsare, Battito, Legumi

Pulse: translate from English into Korean

Translate pulse into Korean}
맥박, 펄스, 파동, 콩류, 의향, 물질의 단시간의 적용량, 혈액 따위를 율동적으로 보내다, 맥박치다, 율동적으로 보내다, 물질의 적용량, 음향 따위의 파동, 광선 따위의 파동

Pulse: translate from English into Russian

Translate pulse into Russian}
Пульс, Импульс, Пульсировать, Пульсация, Ритм, Биение, Толчок, Бобовые, Биться, Настроение, Чувство, Ритм ударов

Pulse: translate from English into Spanish

Translate pulse into Spanish}
Legumbres, Pulso, Impulso, Pulsar, Pulsación, Vibración, Latir, Cadencia, Compás, Vibrar, Plantas leguminosas

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French pols, from Latin puls ‘porridge of meal or pulse’; related to pollen.

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