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English words containing ruled:

Meanings of Be-ruled-by:


To take the advice of someone

Usage examples:

If you're wise you'll be ruled by your father.

Meanings of Ferruled:


Provided or fitted with a ferrule or ferrules.

Meanings of Misruled:


Govern (a country or state) badly.

Usage examples:

He misruled his country for fourteen years

The unfair or inefficient conduct of the affairs of a country or state.

Usage examples:

A country that is recovering from decades of misrule



Meanings of Overruled:


Reject or disallow by exercising one's superior authority.

Usage examples:

Chief judge moran overruled the government's objections

Meanings of Ruled:


Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).

Usage examples:

The region today is ruled by elected politicians

(of paper) marked with parallel straight lines.

Usage examples:

A notepad with ruled pages

Meanings of Ruled-out:

phrasal verb

To stop considering something as a possibility

Usage examples:

It’s unlikely that he’ll run for president, but you can never rule anything out.

Meanings of Unruled:


Not ruled, governed, or under control.

Usage examples:

Men with passions unruled

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