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The meaning of Ruled

Ruled – definition


Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people).

Usage examples:

The region today is ruled by elected politicians

Pronounce authoritatively and legally to be the case.

Usage examples:

An industrial tribunal ruled that he was unfairly dismissed from his job

Make parallel lines across (paper).

Usage examples:

Rule the pages horizontally and print the information within the rules.

(of a price or a traded commodity with regard to its price) have a specified general level or strength.

Usage examples:

In the jutes section indus and pak jute ruled firm

(of paper) marked with parallel straight lines.

Usage examples:

A notepad with ruled pages

Past simple and past participle of rule

Usage examples:

Most modern kings and queens rule (their countries) only in a formal way, without real power., she …

Ruled translation into English

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Ruled: translate from English into German

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Regiert, Liniert

Ruled: translate from English into Hindi

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शासन, शासन करनेवाला, राज्य करनेवाला, लकीर खींचनेवाला, निर्णय देनेवाला, रेखित

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Governato, A righe

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Правил, Линованный, Графленый

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Word origin

Middle English: from Old French reule (noun), reuler (verb), from late Latin regulare, from Latin regula ‘straight stick’.

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