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Wafts – definition


(with reference to a scent, sound, etc.) pass or cause to pass gently through the air.

Usage examples:

The smell of stale fat wafted out from the cafe

A gentle movement of air.

Usage examples:

Thus even a not-entirely-great movie like city by the sea feels like wafts of fresh air.

A knotted ensign, garment, etc. displayed by a ship as a signal.

Usage examples:

A signal of distress is accentuated by making it into a weft, which is done by knotting it in the m…

To move gently through the air, or to cause this to happen

Usage examples:

[ i always + adv/prep ] a warm breeze wafted through the city.

Wafts translation into English

Wafts: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wafts into Chinese (Simplified)}
飘荡, 信号, 信号旗

Wafts: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wafts into Dutch}
Wafts, Zweven, Drijven, Vleugje, Sliertje, Toewuiven, Overbrengen, Noodvlag, Rookwolkje, Wenken, Voeren

Wafts: translate from English into French

Translate wafts into French}
Bouffées, Bouffée, Flotter, Brise, Porter, Pousser, Petite bouffée, Faire glisser, Vent léger, Ondoyer

Wafts: translate from English into German

Translate wafts into German}
Wabert, Wehen, Hauch, Wabern, Tragen, Wedeln, Streichen

Wafts: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wafts into Hindi}
वत्स, गूंज, आना, प्रतिध्वनि, मार, आ जाना, जल्दी से चलना, ज्लदी से जाना, भनक

Wafts: translate from English into Italian

Translate wafts into Italian}
Soffi, Soffio, Diffondersi, Alito, Diffondere, Spargere

Wafts: translate from English into Korean

Translate wafts into Korean}
물결, 신호기, 씨실, 둥둥 띄우다, 훨훨 떠돌다, 풍기는 향기, 한 번 일기, 흔들림, 피륙, 둥실 떠돌다, 순간적인 느낌

Wafts: translate from English into Russian

Translate wafts into Russian}
Веет, Дуновение, Навеять, Навевать, Взмах, Струя, Порыв, Донесшийся звук, Отзвук, Клуб, Клуб дыма, Мимолетное ощущение, Нестись, Доносить, Нести

Wafts: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wafts into Spanish}
Bocanadas, Ráfaga, Flotar, Hacer flotar, Soplo, Soplar, Mecer, Llevar por el aire, Moverse, Mover, Ser elevado por el aire

Word origin

early 16th century (in the sense ‘escort a ship’): back-formation from obsolete wafter (used only by opponents of the practice) ‘armed convoy vessel’, from Low German, Dutch wachter, from wac

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