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The meaning of Struggle


Struggle – definition


Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

Usage examples:

Before she could struggle, he lifted her up

A forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.

Usage examples:

There were signs of a struggle and there was a lot of blood around

To work hard to do something

Usage examples:

We watched boys on skateboards struggle to keep their balance., he struggled with his cousin, and h…

A hard effort or fight to do or get something

Usage examples:

A struggle for sth there was a struggle for control of the company., a struggle against sth the str…

Struggle translation into English

Struggle: translate from English into Chinese

Translate struggle into Chinese (Simplified)}
斗争, 奋斗, 挣扎, 争, 搏斗, 斗, 争取, 争夺, 挣, 摔交, 竞

Struggle: translate from English into Dutch

Translate struggle into Dutch}
Strijd, Worstelen, Strijden, Worsteling, Tegenspartelen, Spartelen, Zich aftobben

Struggle: translate from English into French

Translate struggle into French}
Lutter, Lutte, Combattre, Se débattre, Se démener, Résister, Bagarre, Dispute, Tiraillement, Se frayer péniblement, Se colleter avec

Struggle: translate from English into German

Translate struggle into German}
Kampf, Kämpfen, Ringen, Anstrengung, Sich abmühen, Sich wehren, Krebsen, Sich quälen, Schnaufen, Strauß, Würgen, Sich abquälen, Sich abrackern, Sich abplagen, Quälerei, Schinderei, Sich schinden

Struggle: translate from English into Hindi

Translate struggle into Hindi}
लड़ाई, संघर्ष, संघर्ष करना, परिश्रम, लड़ाई करना, कलह, अधिक परिश्रम करना, उद्योग करना, लड़ाई-झगड़ा

Struggle: translate from English into Italian

Translate struggle into Italian}
Lotta, Lottare, Combattere, Sforzarsi, Sforzo, Dibattere

Struggle: translate from English into Korean

Translate struggle into Korean}
고심하다, 노력, 몸부림, 전투, 분투, 몸부림치다, 애써 밀어젖히고 나아가다, 허위적거리다

Struggle: translate from English into Russian

Translate struggle into Russian}
Борьба, Бороться, Усилие, Биться, Отбиваться, Напряжение, Пробиваться, Стараться изо всех сил, Делать усилия

Struggle: translate from English into Spanish

Translate struggle into Spanish}
Dificil, Lucha, Luchar, Esfuerzo, Conflicto, Forcejeo, Contienda, Esforzarse, Bregar, Forcejear, Debatirse

Word origin

late Middle English: frequentative, perhaps of imitative origin. The noun dates from the late 17th century.

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