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The meaning of Thin

Thin – definition


With opposite surfaces or sides that are close or relatively close together.

Usage examples:

Thin slices of bread

Having few parts or members relative to the area covered or filled; sparse.

Usage examples:

A depressingly thin crowd

(of a liquid substance) not containing much solid; flowing freely.

Usage examples:

Thin soup

Lacking substance or quality; weak or inadequate.

Usage examples:

The evidence is rather thin

With little thickness or depth.

Usage examples:

Cut the ham as thin as possible

Make or become less dense, crowded, or numerous.

Usage examples:

The remorseless fire of archers thinned their ranks

Make or become smaller in thickness.

Usage examples:

Their effect in thinning the ozone layer is probably slowing the global warming trend

Hit (a ball) above its centre.

Usage examples:

The lie was not great and the shot was slightly thinned, the ball finishing as much as 40 feet past…
combining form

Denoting a specified degree of thinness.

Usage examples:


Having a small distance from the top to the bottom side

Usage examples:

Thin summer clothing, the statue is coated with a thin layer of gold., thin arms/legs, a thin face,…

If trading, etc. is thin, not many people are buying or selling shares, etc.

Usage examples:

Investor perceptions may decrease the value of high-risk bonds, especially in a thin market., in an…

Thin translation into English

Thin: translate from English into Chinese

Translate thin into Chinese (Simplified)}
薄的, 薄, 细, 瘦, 单薄, 纤细, 消瘦, 稀疏, 淡, 淡薄, 疏, 单, 孱弱, 嘒, 空洞的, 稀播, 薄地

Thin: translate from English into Dutch

Translate thin into Dutch}
Dun, Mager, Verdunnen, Ijl, Schraal, Dun worden, Doorzichtig, Vermageren, Sprietig

Thin: translate from English into French

Translate thin into French}
Mince, Fin, Léger, Maigre, Faible, Plat, Épais, Amincir, Liquide, Grêle, Clair, Peu épais, Rare, Maigrir, Dilué, En couche mince, Réduire, Délayer, Amaigrir, Menu, Délayé, Se disperser, En tranches minces, En morceaux minces, Faire amaigrir, S'amaigrir

Thin: translate from English into German

Translate thin into German}
Dünn, Mager, Verdünnen, Schmal, Fein, Abgemagert, Hager, Klein, Lichten, Spärlich, Ausdünnen, Schmächtig, Schütter, Licht, Fadenscheinig, Dezimieren, Sich lichten, Verringern, Kümmerlich, Dünner werden lassen, Schütter werden

Thin: translate from English into Hindi

Translate thin into Hindi}
पतला, तनु, महीन, दुबला, विरल, छोटा, सूखा, कृश, कम घना, शीर्ण, छीदा, अल्पसंख्यक, धुंधला, फीका, पतला हो जाना, दुबला हो जाना, घुलना, कम घना होना, विरल होना, सूक्ष्म, विरला

Thin: translate from English into Italian

Translate thin into Italian}
Sottile, Magro, Fine, Esile, Fino, Leggero, Diluire, Assottigliare, Smilzo, Rado, Assottigliarsi, Affilato, Diradarsi, Sfoltire, Scarso, Secco, Diluito, Delicato, Mingherlino, Diradare, Lungo, Sparuto, Laminare, Sfoltirsi, Brodoso

Thin: translate from English into Korean

Translate thin into Korean}
얇은, 얇게, 가는, 묽은, 부족한, 연한, 여윈, 불쾌한, 드문드문한, 내용이 없는, 공급이 적은, 성량이 적은, 희박하게

Thin: translate from English into Russian

Translate thin into Russian}
Тонкий, Худой, Тонко, Худощавый, Тоненький, Редеть, Жидкий, Разреженный, Слабый, Худеть, Редкий, Разжижать, Прореживать, Мелкий, Полупустой, Утончаться, Утончать, Прозрачный, Разбавленный, Разжижаться, Скудный, Поредеть, Малочисленный, Тусклый, Пустеть, Ненасыщенный, Водянистый, Неубедительный, Заострять, Оскудевать, Неприятный, Разведенный, Незаполненный, Сшитый из тонкой ткани, Шаткий, Делать тонким, Делаться тонким, Сокращать в числе, Сокращаться в числе

Thin: translate from English into Spanish

Translate thin into Spanish}
Delgada, Delgado, Fino, Delgadamente, Ligero, Flaco, Tenue, Adelgazar, Diluir, Poco, Escaso, Ralo, Ligeramente, Claro, Transparente, Poco denso, Aguado, Flojo, Reducirse, Enflaquecer, Diáfano, Poco convincente, Descarnado, Aclararse, Tenuemente, No denso, Desleír, Hacerse menos denso, Aguar, Bañado de luz, Como agua, Transparentemente, Diáfanamente, Disminuirse, Hacerse reducido

Word origin

Old English thynne, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dun and German dünn, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin tenuis .

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