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The meaning of Flimsy


Flimsy – definition


A document, especially a copy, made on very thin paper.

Usage examples:

Credit-card flimsies

(of material) very thin, or (of a structure or object) badly made and weak, and therefore easily broken or destroyed

Usage examples:

A flimsy dress, a flimsy building, they convicted the defendant on very flimsy evidence.

Flimsy translation into English

Flimsy: translate from English into Chinese

Translate flimsy into Chinese (Simplified)}
脆弱的, 单薄, 薄, 薄页纸

Flimsy: translate from English into Dutch

Translate flimsy into Dutch}
Dun, Zwak, Ondeugdelijk, Licht, Armzalig, Nietig, Dun papier, Copie

Flimsy: translate from English into French

Translate flimsy into French}
Fragile, Mince, Peu solide, Piètre, Pelure, Mauvais, Délicat, Tendre

Flimsy: translate from English into German

Translate flimsy into German}
Schwach, Dünn, Fadenscheinig, Faul

Flimsy: translate from English into Hindi

Translate flimsy into Hindi}
तार, झीना, कमज़ोर, तार का समाचार, महीन काग़ज़, छिछला, निर्बल

Flimsy: translate from English into Italian

Translate flimsy into Italian}
Fragile, Debole, Frivolo

Flimsy: translate from English into Korean

Translate flimsy into Korean}
얇은, 얇은 종이, 얇은 여성복, 지폐, 박약한, 보잘것없는

Flimsy: translate from English into Russian

Translate flimsy into Russian}
Хлипкий, Неубедительный, Неосновательный, Хрупкий, Непрочный, Шаткий, Тонкий, Легкий, Банальный, Тонкая бумага, Папиросная бумага, Тонкое женское белье, Пошлый, Телеграмма

Flimsy: translate from English into Spanish

Translate flimsy into Spanish}
Endeble, Delgado, Muy delgado, Papel de copiar

Word origin

early 18th century: probably from flimflam.

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