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The meaning of Spout

Spout – definition


A tube or lip projecting from a container, through which liquid can be poured.

Usage examples:

A teapot with a chipped spout

A stream of liquid issuing from somewhere with great force.

Usage examples:

The tall spouts of geysers

A pipe or trough through which water may be carried away or from which it can flow out.

Usage examples:

The arms of the double-row colonnade embrace a circular fountain with a brass spout cast from an ol…

Send out (liquid) forcibly in a stream.

Usage examples:

Volcanoes spouted ash and lava

Express (one's views or ideas) in a lengthy, declamatory, and unreflecting way.

Usage examples:

He was spouting platitudes about our furry friends

To send out liquid or flames quickly and with force, or of liquid or flame to flow quickly

Usage examples:

[ t ] the volcano spouted flames and red-hot rocks., [ t ] the man was spouting nonsense about peop…

Spout translation into English

Spout: translate from English into Chinese

Translate spout into Chinese (Simplified)}
喷口, 喷, 喷出, 喷管, 喷射, 潏, 喷放, 喷流

Spout: translate from English into Dutch

Translate spout into Dutch}
Tuit, Spatten

Spout: translate from English into French

Translate spout into French}
Bec, Débiter, Jet, Orifice, Jaillissement, Dégorgeoir, Canon, Faire jaillir, Pérorer, Sortir en jet, Brise-jet, Lancer un jet d'eau

Spout: translate from English into German

Translate spout into German}
Tülle, Ausguss, Schnabel, Schnauze, Wasserhahn, Ausflussrohr, Speien, Fontäne, Herausspritzen, Spritzen, Speirohr, Wasserhose, Ausstoßen, Atemloch, Spritzloch, Loslassen, Hervorsprudeln, Herunterrasseln, Palavern, Salbadern, Von sich geben

Spout: translate from English into Hindi

Translate spout into Hindi}
टोंटी, नल, धारा, पनाला, फुहारा छोड़ना, फुहारा छूटना, तेज़ी से बाहर निकलना, गंभीरता से बोलना, पानी का नल, पानी जो समुद्र में फुहारे की भांति उठता है

Spout: translate from English into Italian

Translate spout into Italian}
Becco, Beccuccio, Tubo, Getto, Declamare, Zampillo, Gettare, Spruzzare, Zampillare, Butto

Spout: translate from English into Korean

Translate spout into Korean}
주둥이, 내뿜다, 분수, 분수 구멍, 뿜다, 소용돌이꼴의 물기둥, 전당물 운반용 엘리베이터, 주둥이를 달다, 홈통을 달다, 파이프를 달다, 말을 퍼붓다, 전당잡히다, 분출하다, 입심 좋게 지껄여대다

Spout: translate from English into Russian

Translate spout into Russian}
Носик, Горлышко, Разглагольствовать, Извергать, Струя, Рыльце, Выпускное отверстие, Носик чайника, Водосточная труба, Водосточный желоб, Столб воды, Водяной смерч, Дыхательное отверстие, Бить струей, Лить, Струиться, Литься потоком, Выпускать струю, Ораторствовать, Закладывать

Spout: translate from English into Spanish

Translate spout into Spanish}
Canalón, Pico, Caño, Pitorro, Pitón, Declamar, Recitar, Arrojar en chorro, Levantar un surtidor de, Chorrear, Enjaretar

Word origin

Middle English (as a verb): from Middle Dutch spouten, from an imitative base shared by Old Norse spýta ‘to spit’.

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