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Tan – definition


A yellowish-brown colour.

Usage examples:

The overall colour scheme of tan and cream

A brown or darkened shade of skin developed after exposure to the sun.

Usage examples:

Jenna managed to get an even golden tan

Bark of oak or other trees, bruised and used as a source of tannin for converting hides into leather.

Usage examples:

Back in america, quercus prinus was better known as mountain or rock oak, after its preferred habit…

(of a person or their skin) become brown or darkened after exposure to the sun.

Usage examples:

You'll tan very quickly in the pure air

Convert (animal skin) into leather by soaking in a liquid containing tannic acid, or by the use of other chemicals.


Beat (someone) repeatedly as a punishment.

Usage examples:

‘if mickey touches a fishing net, i'll tan his hide !’

Of a yellowish-brown colour.

Usage examples:

A tan baseball cap with orange piping

(of a person) having brown or darkened skin after exposure to the sun.

Usage examples:

She looks tall, tan, and healthy


Tan translation into English

Tan: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tan into Chinese (Simplified)}
棕褐色, 黄褐色, 鞣, 黄褐色的

Tan: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tan into Dutch}
Bruinen, Taankleurig, Looien, Geelbruin, Bruin worden, Taan, Taankleur, Run, Tanen, Leerlooien, Runkleurig

Tan: translate from English into French

Translate tan into French}
Bronzer, Tanné, Bronzage, Ocre, Tanner, Brun, Hâle, Fauve, Roux, Tannage, Hâler, Brunir, Se tanner, S'hâler

Tan: translate from English into German

Translate tan into German}
Bräunen, Bräune, Gerben, Braun werden, Hellbraun, Sonnenbräune, Tangens, Lohe, Lohen, Ledern

Tan: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tan into Hindi}
टैन, टन, चमड़ा कमाना

Tan: translate from English into Italian

Translate tan into Italian}
Abbronzatura, Abbronzarsi, Abbronzare, Tintarella, Conciare, Concia, Marrone rossiccio, Tannino, Colore marrone chiaro

Tan: translate from English into Korean

Translate tan into Korean}
탠 껍질, 곡마단, 황갈색 구두, 다루다, 탠 껍질의 찌끼, 햇볕에 그을음, 무두질하다, 햇볕에 태우다, 타닌을 먹이다, 햇볕에 타다, 황갈색의

Tan: translate from English into Russian

Translate tan into Russian}
Загар, Загорать, Смуглость, Дубасить, Загорание, Дубить, Обжигать кожу, Гелиоксантоз, Дубильная кора, Желтовато-коричневый цвет, Желтовато-коричневый

Tan: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tan into Spanish}
Broncearse, Bronceado, Broncear, Tostado, Curtir, Color canela, Color marrón, De color, Color café claro, De marrón, Casca, Ponerse moreno, Tostarse, Tostar, Poner moreno, Morenearse, Adobar, Color de café claro, Morenear

Word origin

late Old English tannian ‘convert into leather’, probably from medieval Latin tannare, perhaps of Celtic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old French tanner . Early use of the noun (la

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