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The meaning of Tag


Tag – definition


A label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information.

Usage examples:

He gave his pet a collar with a metal name tag

A small piece or part that is attached to a main body.

Usage examples:

Dangling on the end of a plastic tag hung the key to the room next door.

A frequently repeated quotation or stock phrase.

Usage examples:

His writing is full of tags from the bible and shakespeare

A children's game in which one child chases the others and anyone who is caught then becomes the pursuer.

Usage examples:

We began to play tag under the water

Attach a label to.

Usage examples:

Mothers suspected that their babies had been wrongly tagged during an alarm at the hospital

Add to something, especially as an afterthought or with no real connection.

Usage examples:

She meant to tag her question on at the end of her remarks

Shear away ragged locks of wool from (sheep).


Touch (someone being chased) in a game of tag.

Usage examples:

Freeze tag is a game where one person is selected to chase and tag the others.

A small piece of paper, cloth, or metal attached to an item and containing information about it

Usage examples:

Did you check the price tag on that sweater?, i tagged you, now you’re it!, the items are tagged an…

A small piece of paper, plastic, cloth, etc. attached to something that shows some information about it

Usage examples:

Many of the bibs have a tag sewn into the lining that contains the upc number., valuable pieces are…

Tag translation into English

Tag: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tag into Chinese (Simplified)}
标签, 标, 附属物, 尾随, 耳套, 附加语, 附以签条

Tag: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tag into Dutch}
Label, Etiketteren, Etiket, Aanhangsel, Naam, Bestempelen, Uiteinde, Kenteken, Lus, Aanhaling, Rafel, Noemen, Aftikken, Nestel, Veterbeslag, Kwastje, Metalen punt, Brokstuk, Stereotiep gezegde, Refrein, Epiloog, Krijgertjespel, Van labels voorzien, Samenflansen, Aaneenrijgen, Achternalopen, Op de voet volgen, Aanhechten, Vastknopen, Gemeenplaats

Tag: translate from English into French

Translate tag into French}
Étiquette, Marque, Balise, Marquer, Étiqueter, Plaque, Slogan, Onglet, Ferret, Ajouter, Ruban, Citation, Suivre, Bride, Jeu du chat, Griffe, Poursuivre, Lieu commun, Fin, Plaque d'immatriculation

Tag: translate from English into German

Translate tag into German}
Schild, Etikett, Etikettieren, Marke, Anhänger, Anhängsel, Fangen, Aufhänger, Schlaufe, Blume

Tag: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tag into Hindi}
उपनाम, टैग, जोड़ना, चिप्पी, अंकितक, काज, चिप्पी लगाना, अंकितक छिपना, अंकितक लगाना, मिलाना, तुकमा, बटन का घर, क़ब्ज़ा, दोहराव, तागा, बांधना, नत्थी करना, बिल्ला, नाम-पत्र लगाना, ख़ाली सिरा, नाम-पत्र, पिटा-पिटाया वाक्य

Tag: translate from English into Italian

Translate tag into Italian}
Etichetta, Contrassegnare, Cartellino, Puntale, Appendice, Aggiungere, Lembo pendente, Frase finale, Seguire da vicino, Estremità, Conclusione

Tag: translate from English into Korean

Translate tag into Korean}
꼬리표, 꼬리, 패, 늘어진 장식, 늘어진 끝, 상투적 인용구, 표시 문자, 하층민, 붙잡다, 꼬리의 끝, 털의 엉킨 뭉치, 술래잡기, 터치아웃, 그행방을 추적하는 전자 장치, 느름 장식을 달다, 느름 쇠붙이를 달다, 느름 손잡이를 달다, 느름 꼬리표를 달다, 인용구로 맺다, 쫓아다니다, 부가하다, 연결하다, 곱슬털을 깎다, 값을 매기다, 교통 위반 딱지를 붙이다, 붙어다니다, 터치아웃시키다, 전자 추적장치를 부착하다, 낙서로 장식하다, 태그 방식의

Tag: translate from English into Russian

Translate tag into Russian}
Ярлык, Бирка, Признак, Этикетка, Ушко, Наконечник, Конец, Штифт, Свободный конец, Болтающийся конец, Мораль, Избитая фраза, Припев, Добавлять, Петля, Заключение, Заключительная часть, Эпилог, Рефрен, Игра в пятнашки, Игра в салки, Прикреплять ярлык, Снабжать ярлыком, Назначать цену, Следовать по пятам, Связывать, Прилагать, Скреплять, Соединять

Tag: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tag into Spanish}
Etiqueta, Marbete, Chapa, Herrete, Etiqueta personal de control, Muletilla, Marro, Poner una etiqueta a, Rabito, Pingajo, Cita trillada, Seguir de cerca, Pisar los talones a, Pegar una etiqueta a, Salpicar, Poner etiqueta a, Cabo, Lugar común, Sitio común

Word origin

mid 18th century: perhaps a variant of tig.

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