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Passage – definition


The action or process of moving through or past somewhere on the way from one place to another.

Usage examples:

There were moorings for boats wanting passage through the lock

A narrow way allowing access between buildings or to different rooms within a building; a passageway.

Usage examples:

The larger bedroom was at the end of the passage

The process of transition from one state to another.

Usage examples:

An allegory on the theme of the passage from ignorance to knowledge

A short extract from a book or other printed material.

Usage examples:

He picked up the newspaper and read the passage again

The propagation of microorganisms or cells in a series of host organisms or culture media, so as to maintain them or modify their virulence.

Usage examples:

Cultured cells can replicate on serial passage for predictable periods of time

Subject (a strain of microorganisms or cells) to a passage.

Usage examples:

Each recombinant virus was passaged nine times successively

A movement performed in advanced dressage and classical riding, in which the horse executes a slow elevated trot, giving the impression of dancing.


A usually long and narrow part of a building with rooms on one or both sides, or an enclosed path that connects places

Usage examples:

A narrow passage led through the house to the yard., the nasal passages, a short passage for a trum…

A usually long and narrow part of a building with rooms on one or both sides, or a covered path which connects places

Usage examples:

There's a passage on the side of the building – the maintenance department is along there., there's…

A usually long and narrow part of a building with rooms on one or both sides, or a covered path that connects places

Usage examples:

A narrow passage led directly through the house into the garden., the bathroom's on the right at th…

A hollow part of the body through which something goes

Usage examples:

The nasal passages, the anal passage

A short piece of writing or music that is part of a larger piece of work

Usage examples:

Several passages from the book were printed in a national newspaper before it was published.

Travel, especially as a way of escape

Usage examples:

The gunman demanded a plane and safe passage to an unspecified destination.

A journey, especially over the sea

Usage examples:

He had booked his passage to rio de janeiro.

To do work on a ship during your trip instead of paying for a ticket

Usage examples:

He was allowed to work his passage from the port of perth.

An act of moving through somewhere

Usage examples:

Many meteors disintegrate during their passage through the atmosphere., the government prohibits th…

The process of time going past

Usage examples:

Memories fade with the passage of time.

The official approval of something, especially a new law

Usage examples:

He again urged passage of a constitutional amendment outlawing abortion.

Passage translation into English

Passage: translate from English into Chinese

Translate passage into Chinese (Simplified)}
通道, 段, 片段, 航程

Passage: translate from English into Dutch

Translate passage into Dutch}
Passage, Doorgang, Gang, Overgang, Doortocht, Doorvaart, Overtocht, Rijstrook, Overloop, Baan, Zijwaarts bewegen

Passage: translate from English into French

Translate passage into French}
Passage, Adoption, Couloir, Conduit, Traversée, Corridor, Voyage, Transition, Ruelle

Passage: translate from English into German

Translate passage into German}
Passage, Durchgang, Stelle, Durchtritt, Durchlass, Übergang, Gang, Durchfahrt, Verabschiedung, Überfahrt, Korridor, Textstelle, Verlauf, Reise, Durchreise, Annahme, Stück, Transit, Strom, Schiffsreise, Parlamentarische behandlung, Durchreisegenehmigung, Transitgenehmigung

Passage: translate from English into Hindi

Translate passage into Hindi}
रास्ता, मार्ग, यात्रा, अंश, गमन, पारण, अवतरण, तिरछा चलना, गलियारा, यात्रा-टिकट, यात्रा व्यय

Passage: translate from English into Italian

Translate passage into Italian}
Passaggio, Passo, Brano, Corridoio, Varco, Traversata, Tragitto, Luogo, Corsia, Episodio

Passage: translate from English into Korean

Translate passage into Korean}
통로, 통과, 통행, 경과, 악절, 복도, 출입구, 수송, 일절, 여행, 일어난 일, 치고 받기, 변통, 일단, 장구, 치고 받다, 인용 따위의 일절, 의안의 통과, 옆걸음 치며 가기, 나아가다, 비스듬히 옆걸음 치며 가다, 말이 비스듬히 옆걸음 치며 가다

Passage: translate from English into Russian

Translate passage into Russian}
Проход, Прохождение, Отрывок, Проезд, Переход, Пассаж, Место, Ход, Коридор, Путь, Выход, Эпизод, Переправа, Переезд, Рейс, Дорога, Утверждение, Перевал, Вход, Галерея, Перелет, Проток, Поездка, Разговор, Принимать вправо или влево, Происшествие, Право прохода, Стычка, Превращение, Передняя, Течение событий, Проведение, Событие, Пересекать, Двигаться боком, Совершать переезд

Passage: translate from English into Spanish

Translate passage into Spanish}
Paso, Pasaje, Aprobación, Pasillo, Pasadizo, Travesía, Corredor, Trozo, Paseo, Callejón, Tubo

Word origin

early 18th century: from French, from an alteration of Italian passeggiare ‘to walk, pace’, based on Latin passus ‘pace’.

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