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The meaning of Stray

Stray – definition


Move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course or place.

Usage examples:

Dog owners are urged not to allow their dogs to stray

Not in the right place; separated from the group or target.

Usage examples:

He pushed a few stray hairs from her face

(of a physical quantity) arising as a consequence of the laws of physics, but unwanted and usually having a detrimental effect on the operation of equipment.

Usage examples:

Stray capacitance

A stray person or thing, especially a domestic animal.

Usage examples:

The former stray, who had been mr boffey's companion for the past three years, was later found unha…

Electrical phenomena interfering with radio reception.

Usage examples:

A description of the origin and nature of strays and their classification is given; together with a…

To move away from a place where you should be or from a direction in which you should go

Usage examples:

The children were told to stay together and not to stray., the plane disappeared after straying sev…

Stray translation into English

Stray: translate from English into Chinese

Translate stray into Chinese (Simplified)}
流浪, 迷路, 迷途, 游荡, 游, 迷途的, 迷路的, 游荡的人

Stray: translate from English into Dutch

Translate stray into Dutch}
Verdwaald, Afdwalen, Zwerven, Dakloze, Afgedwaald, Toevallig, Verdwaald dier

Stray: translate from English into French

Translate stray into French}
Errer, Égarer, Errant, Égaré, Dévier, Perdu, Abandonné, Vagabonder, Dispersé, Isolé, Animal errant, Animal égaré, Inopiné, S'égarer

Stray: translate from English into German

Translate stray into German}
Streunen, Abkommen, Irren, Verirrt, Abschweifen, Wandern, Sich verirren, Vereinzelt, Streunend, Herrenlos

Stray: translate from English into Hindi

Translate stray into Hindi}
भटका हुआ, भटका हुआ बच्चा, भटका हुआ पशु, बिरला, बिखरा हुआ, पथभ्रष्ट, कभी कभी भेंट करनेवाला, विचलित पशु, अलग रहना, भटके हुए जानवर, गुमराह पशु, इक्का-दुक्का मामला, कोई-कोई

Stray: translate from English into Italian

Translate stray into Italian}
Randagio, Allontanarsi, Deviare, Vagante, Smarrirsi, Vagare, Smarrito, Perdersi, Casuale, Vagabondare, Sparso, Fortuito

Stray: translate from English into Korean

Translate stray into Korean}
흩어진, 공전, 길을 잃다, 상속인이 없어서 국가에 귀속되는 유산, 길잃은 가축, 길잃은 사람, 길잃은

Stray: translate from English into Russian

Translate stray into Russian}
Бродить, Плутать, Заблудиться, Случайный, Бездомный, Заблудившийся, Заблудший, Помехи, Залетный, Блуждать, Приблудный, Сбиваться с пути, Беспризорный ребенок, Отбиться, Отклониться от темы, Сбиваться с пути истинного, Скитаться, Бессвязный, Заблудившийся ребенок, Побочные сигналы

Stray: translate from English into Spanish

Translate stray into Spanish}
Extraviado, Perderse, Extraviarse, Errante, Errar, Vagar en

Word origin

Middle English: shortening of Anglo-Norman French and Old French estrayer (verb), Anglo-Norman French strey (noun), partly from astray.

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