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The meaning of Odd

Odd – definition


Different to what is usual or expected; strange.

Usage examples:

The neighbours thought him very odd

(of whole numbers such as 3 and 5) having one left over as a remainder when divided by two.

Usage examples:

Atoms which possess an odd number of electrons

Happening or occurring infrequently and irregularly; occasional.

Usage examples:

We have the odd drink together

Separated from a usual pair or set and therefore out of place or mismatched.

Usage examples:

He's wearing odd socks

Strange or unexpected

Usage examples:

An odd person, that’s odd – i thought i left my glasses on the table but they’re not here., he’s go…

Odd translation into English

Odd: translate from English into Chinese

Translate odd into Chinese (Simplified)}
奇怪的, 奇, 奇怪, 单, 多, 怪, 余, 异常, 零头, 异样, 莫名其妙, 异, 怪僻, 失常, 乖僻, 异乎寻常, 有余, 挂零

Odd: translate from English into Dutch

Translate odd into Dutch}
Oneven, Vreemd, Eigenaardig, Zonderling, Enkel, Bizar, Onpaar, Ongepaard, Overblijvend, Onregeld

Odd: translate from English into French

Translate odd into French}
Étrange, Impair, Bizarre, Curieux, Singulier, Surprenant, Fantasque, Dépareillé, Qui reste

Odd: translate from English into German

Translate odd into German}
Seltsam, Ungerade, Merkwürdig, Sonderbar, Komisch, Eigenartig, Wunderlich, Kurios, Verwunderlich, Eigentümlich, Übrig, Ausgefallen, Kauzig, Drollig, Schrullig, Ulkig, Einzeln, Verschroben, Überzählig, Putzig, Zeitweilig, Restlich

Odd: translate from English into Hindi

Translate odd into Hindi}
अजीब, विषम, विचित्र, अनोखा, बेजोड़, अकेला, अतिरिक्त, ताक़, फ़ालतू, उपतफट, फ़ारिग़, आकस्मिक, निराला, विलक्षण, ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा, ख़ाली, अयुग्म, असाधारण

Odd: translate from English into Italian

Translate odd into Italian}
Strano, Dispari, Bizzarro, Stravagante, Occasionale, Originale, Strambo, Strampalato, Spaiato, Casuale, Scompagnato

Odd: translate from English into Korean

Translate odd into Korean}
이상한, 동떨어진, 장소 따위 동떨어진, 불평등, 싸움, 가망, 은혜, 여분의, 한쪽의, 두 개가 한 벌로 된 것의 한쪽의, 때로의, 홀수의, 우열의 차, 상대방보다 돈을 더 많이 걸기, 내기에서 상대방보다 돈을 더 많이 걸기

Odd: translate from English into Russian

Translate odd into Russian}
Странный, Нечетный, Необычный, Нечетное число, Лишний, Случайный, Чудной, Непарный, Эксцентричный, Разрозненный, Добавочный, Решающая взятка, Остающийся, Свободный, Незанятый, Удар, Добавочный удар

Odd: translate from English into Spanish

Translate odd into Spanish}
Extraño, Impar, Raro, Singular, Non, Extravagante, Suelto, Sobrante, Estrafalario, Estrambótico, Desparejo, Casual, Misterioso, Desparejado, Sin pareja, De non, Y poco más, Estrambólico, Original, De más

Word origin

Middle English (in odd (sense 2)): from Old Norse odda-, found in combinations such as odda-mathr ‘third or odd man’, from oddi ‘angle’.

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